Honors Spotlight

Lindsey Walker

October 18, 2020 Student Spotlight

Lindsey Walker
Majoring in Political Science
December 2021

I really love to learn! It really is an exhilarating feeling. I've grew up quite the tom boy and am an avid sports fan. I played volleyball, basketball, and golf in high school and love the Utah Jazz like they are my own family. I love trying new foods and discovering new music.

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Taylor Percival

October 09, 2020 Student Spotlight

 Taylor Percival
 Majoring in Psychology
 April 2022

I'm from Fort Worth, Texas and I'm the older of two siblings. I love to try new food (especially Tex-Mex and Sushi), watch movies, online shop, and spend time with my friends and family. I'm hoping to go to law school after I finish my undergrad to become an advocate lawyer. Helping people is so important to me, and I want to use my career to stand up for and help those who might not be able to stand up for themselves.

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Joshua Brown

October 05, 2020 Student Spotlight

Joshua Ezekiel Browne "Zeke"
Majoring in Psychology
Graduating in 2026

I was born in Californa in February 2002 and was raised in Daybreak (South Jordan, UT) by a Police Officer (he's also a great dad!) and a wonderful mother. Some of my passions include Athletics (Running, Biking, Ultimate Frisbee), Politics (I'm a mix of libertarian and conservative), Self-development (inspired by Jordan Peterson, remember to clean your room!), keeping hydrated, D&D, Reading, Guitar, and Sad boy Lofi/rap (Powfu, Mishaal) and a wide variety of other music.

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Sierra Moore Spencer

September 28, 2020 Student Spotlight

Sierra Moore Spencer
Family Studies, Business Minor
August 2021
“I am from The Woodlands, Texas and am in my 4th semester here at BYU. I plan on graduating early-- in August of next year. I love hiking, playing sports, reading, and doing research. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a Master's Degree in Business or Academic Advising.”

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Emily Baldwin

September 18, 2020 Student Spotlight

Emily Baldwin
B.S. in Neuroscience
Graduating Winter 2021
“I'm from Midland, Michigan and in my fourth year here at BYU. In high school I was your stereotypical theatre and music kid, which is why everyone was surprised when I decided to explore STEM and became a neuroscience major. If I am not in the lab doing addiction research, I'm probably in the kitchen making some kind of cookies. I play tenor saxophone in the BYU marching band, which I love! I also like to come home and relax with my 3 pet snails.”

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Jenica Barker

September 14, 2020 Student Spotlight

Jenica Barker 
Bachelor of Arts in Dance
Graduating April 2021

Accomplished performer, sushi connoisseur, and aspiring law student; Jenica values how the Honors program helped her expand her knowledge of the subject she loves, all while helping her broaden her view of the world.

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Ben White

September 04, 2020 Student Spotlight

“I moved up here from my home in Waco, Texas, where I've lived almost my whole life. I'm planning on attending two semesters of school then serving a mission this coming May! After that, I don't really know what I want to do with my life. Research? Med School? Law School? Grad School? I honestly have no idea yet. However, I've got no doubt that the Honors Program will give me experience and connections that will guide me towards a bright future (whatever that may be). Outside of my academics, I really enjoy music. I play piano, cello, bass, and I am learning the guitar. I've also been in studio recordings and music videos. However, my favorite thing to do is just go on the street and play these instruments for hours. I also like hiking and trail biking!”

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Bryan Samuelsen

March 16, 2020 Student Spotlight

Bryan Samuelsen | Marketing

A Cappella Club President, fantasy savant and brand manager; Bryan enjoys the community and how Honors allows him to explore subjects at a deeper level.

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Collin Myers

March 09, 2020 Student Spotlight

Double bass player, scuba diver, and investment banker; Collin likes how participating in Honors has given him the chance to interact with students who have differing views, experiences, and backgrounds.

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Camilla Alarcon

March 02, 2020 Student Spotlight

Camilla Alarcon | Political Science and Sociology

Adventurist, truth-seeker, and passionate humanitarian; Camilla loves how Honors gives everyone a place where they belong. 

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Nick Merrill

February 24, 2020 Student Spotlight

Nick Merrill | Latin American Studies

Globetrotter, skier, and Chicago sports fan; Nick loves how Honors lets him study subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

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Ida Tovar

February 18, 2020 Student Spotlight

Ida Tovar | Public Health

Adventurer, runner, and public health advocate; Ida is grateful for how Honors has helped her become a better learner.

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Sai Maddali

February 07, 2020 Student Spotlight

Sai Maddali | Entrepreneurial Management 
Computer guru, drummer, and transfer student –Sai finds the Honors Program exciting and worthwhile.

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A.J. Dickens

February 03, 2020 Student Spotlight

A.J. Dickens | Media Arts & Film 
Bibliophile, former catering chef, and future memoirist—AJ is grateful for how Honors students and staff bring out the best in students.

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Will Sutherland

January 27, 2020 Student Spotlight

Will Sutherland | Microbiology
Rapper, yerba mate enthusiast, and future dentist; Will loves how Honors has helped him meet many high-caliber and selfless friends. 

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Candice Boren

January 21, 2020 Student Spotlight

Candice Boren | English

Honors 120 TA, avid writer, and analyzer of graphic novels; Candice likes how Honors has pulled her out of her comfort zone.

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Tyler Harris

January 13, 2020 Student Spotlight

Tyler Harris | Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Hebrew Bible

CODA, theology lover, and budding Hebrew Bible expert; Tyler enjoys writing in a more reflective and personal style for his Great Questions Essay.

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Madison Brasher

January 07, 2020 Student Spotlight

Madison Brasher | English 

Self-proclaimed "loud Texan" and chocolate chip cookie pastry chef; Madison enjoys researching Kendrick Lamar and poetry as part of her Honors Thesis.

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Lauren Bushnell

December 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Lauren Bushnell | Experience Design Management
Competitive runner, expert movie quoter, and future business professor; Lauren is grateful for how Honors has opened doors and led her to meet incredible people.

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Bridger Woods

December 09, 2019 Student Spotlight

Bridger Woods | Biochemistry
Multi-instrumentalist, avid skier, and research assistant; Bridger is grateful for how Honors has pushed his boundaries.

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Bayleigh Cragun

December 02, 2019 Student Spotlight

Bayleigh Cragun | Sociology

Honors TA, feminist, and choreographer—Bayleigh is grateful the Honors Program is her “home” at BYU.

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Scheridan Vorwaller

November 25, 2019 Student Spotlight

Scheridan Vorwaller | Electrical Engineering 

BYU Marching Band member, Dartmouth transfer, and renewable energy advocate—Scheridan appreciates how Honors has given her the tools to learn across boundaries and without barriers.

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Bradley Goronson

November 18, 2019 Student Spotlight

Bradley Goronson | Economics 

Cottage cheese fan, lover of all things floral, and recent Honors Thesis defending knight; Bradley loves how the Honors Program has given him a structured way to learn deeply about many subjects.

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Laura Westhoff

November 08, 2019 Student Spotlight

Laura Westhoff | Molecular Biology
Cheese enthusiast and future genetics researcher— Laura loves how the Honors Program encourages an attitude of insatiable curiosity about every discipline.

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Madalyn Lyman

November 01, 2019 Student Spotlight

Madalyn Lyman | Portuguese
Titration problem champion, marathoner, and future physical therapist—Madalyn enjoys how Honors allows her to explore all of her passions.

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Sam Heywood

October 28, 2019 Student Spotlight

Sam Heywood | History and Spanish
Mustache devotee, wishful NBA baller and history buff; Sam loves how the Honors Program facilitates learning through real-world experiences.

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Gabe Richardson

October 21, 2019 Student Spotlight

Gabe Richardson | Physics

NASA Goddard Intern and 70’s funky music fanatic; Gabe appreciates the interdisciplinary nature of Honors, specifically weaving together science and the humanities.

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Rebekah Pimentel

September 23, 2019 Student Spotlight

Rebekah Pimentel | Classical Studies

Rubik’s cube collector, amateur astronomer, and board games enthusiast; Rebekah loves the tight-knit community in the Honors Program and is a member of the Honors Student Leadership Council.

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Abby Larkins

September 06, 2019 Student Spotlight

Abby Larkins | English
Storyteller, violinist, loves movie scores and the Finnish comic strip The Moomins; Abby also enjoys the smaller classes and feels her recent Honors 227 class alone is worth joining the Honors Program.

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Will Haslam

August 08, 2019 Student Spotlight

Will Haslam | English
Poet, blue grass fiddler, bass guitar player of local band Feudal Mars, and loves the interdisciplinary nature of the BYU Honors Program courses.

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Sara Naumann

July 10, 2019 Student Spotlight

Sara Naumann | International Relations
Christmas-music-choreography aficionado, half-marathon finisher, future human rights lawyer, and loves how Honors classes have allowed her to ponder different ideas.

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Jacob Rugh

June 05, 2019 Faculty Spotlight

Jacob Rugh | Associate Professor

Dr. Rugh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology. His interests include race and space, housing segregation, mortgage lending, stratification, Latinos, immigration, and racial discrimination.

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Luke Howard

April 19, 2019 Faculty Spotlight

Luke Howard  | Associate Professor  
Dr. Howard is an Associate Professor in the BYU School of Music in Music History, and his research focuses primarily on how pop culture appropriates classical music. Music to Dr. Howard is not just a passion; it is a way of life.

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Michael Nixon

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Michael Nixon | Strategic Management
"It was so rewarding to be able to take such distinct fields of study and bring them into harmony to find the underlying principles pertaining to my Great Questions Essay."

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Mandy Parsons

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Mandy Parsons | Neuroscience  
Mandy Parsons is a 2018 Beckman Scholar and has presented her research multiple times during her undergraduate career. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience researching the neurochemistry of addiction.

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Liz Young

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Communications Disorders  
Liz Young participated in the McKay School Undergraduate Poster Competition and presented research on tutoring writing to individuals with Developmental Language Disorders at the BYU Writing in the Disciplines Conference.

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Jaron Lundwall

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Chemical Engineering  
Jaron Lundwall is passionate about exploration and learning. He worked on NASA's Space Launch System with Dynetics Technical Solutions with concurrent grad school.

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Amanda Solomon

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic | Women's Studies Minor  
Amanda Solomon has worked intensively with refugees in Jordan, Greece, and the U.S. After graduation she's taking a gap year, then pursuing a Master's at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Christian Hales

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Music Performance  
Christian Hales has a passion for music and research. He has traveled to New York City, Vienna, Copenhagen, Russia, Poland, San Francisco, and Montana as part of research and experiental learning trips.

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Brenna Scadden

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Communication Disorders  
Brenna Scadden's Honors thesis gave her the opportunity to travel to India and study something she is truly passionate about. She's currently working with her thesis advisor to publish the results of the study in a national journal.

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Mitchell Merrill

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Mitchell Merrill's Honors thesis allowed him to combine his major with his interest in oral health. He has been able to explore areas of interest he couldn't have in any other way.

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Ryno Kruger

April 16, 2019 Student Spotlight

Ryno has received two research grants, co-authored a paper, published in CHIASM, and presented his research at six different conferences.

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Paige Montague

December 10, 2018 Student Spotlight

Anthropology | Africana Studies
Having professors in the Honors Program who were truly invested in me and my learning made a huge difference not only in how much I enjoyed classes but also how passionate I became about learning overall.

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Jonathan Dutson

November 01, 2018 Student Spotlight

Computer Science | Philosophy and Information Technology
I’ve never considered myself a strong writer, so I was slightly nervous for the HONRS 320 class, but it ended up being one of my favorite classes that semester.

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Emily Menden

November 01, 2018 Student Spotlight

Computer Science
Computationally Modeling the Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone National Park

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Elina Chun

November 01, 2018 Student Spotlight

Nursing | Management Minor
Elina is a College of Nursing Scholar for 2018-2019 school year and a senior Honors student.

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Greiciani Celerino Da Silva

November 01, 2018 Student Spotlight

PDBio | Family Life
Offering home-based care, volunteering at local clinics, and teaching children and adolescents on HIV and other health related topics.

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Dennis Cutchins

October 10, 2018 Faculty Spotlight

Dennis Cutchins | Associate Director

"I would love to see Honors arts students hanging out with Honors engineering students and figuring out ways to do projects together."

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