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Influential Leaders for a Complex World

Leaders are found in countless settings and disciplines: business, governments, community, families, church and religious affiliations, sports, universities… the list goes on. The Honors Leadership Development Experience (LDE) approaches leadership from the viewpoint that each person is a leader in multiple settings throughout their life – settings that are inherently interdisciplinary and complex.

Honors students prepare for lifelong leadership by first understanding leadership principles, theory, and skills. Then students apply their learning in a substantive leadership experience through approved interdisciplinary projects, programs, internships, or partnerships with the Honors Program.

Complete one of the following:

Option 1: Complete 2 courses (see course descriptions)

  • HONRS 310: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Leadership (1.0 credit)
  • Submit LDE proposal (see form)
  • HONRS 390R: Honors Leadership Practicum (3.0 credits).


Option 2: Complete 1 course (see course descriptions)

Note: Honors students completing their Leadership Development Experience

  • Must be enrolled in HONRS 390R credit while completing the experience (not before or after).
  • Must complete HONRS 310 before enrolling in 390R.
  • May register for 390R variable credit (1.0-3.0 credits) over more than one term/semester, up to 3.0 credits maximum.
  • If you choose to participate in HSLC (Option 2), you are required to register for HONRS 391R for both Fall and Winter semesters.