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Experience Honors

Learn about the BYU Honors Program, listen and read student experiences, check the requirements, and more.

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program at BYU is an open-enrollment community of scholars engaged in broad thinking, creative problem solving, and leadership. Together, students and faculty explore interdisciplinary approaches to make unexpected connections between ideas, disciplines, and people!

"Why Honors?" - Kayla Bach

"Why Honors?" - Kolby Nottingham

"Why Honors?" - Camilla Alarcon

Why Join the Honors Program?


How to Join the Honors Program?

To join the Honors Program, please complete the following four steps:


When to Join the Honors Program

The earlier the better! We encourage students to enroll in Pre-Honors and take the introductory courses their freshman year. Since many of the Honors course requirements also fill GE requirements, joining early helps you make the most of your experience right from the outset of your college career. We also welcome students after their first year too. Our advisors are happy to meet with students anytime to create a plan toward graduation through the Honors Program!

Talk to an advisor?

If you want to speak with an advisor, you can request an appointment up to three weeks in advance.