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Honors Spotlight

Emily Logan

May 30, 2023 01:07 AM

Name: Emily Logan
Major: Applied Statistics and Analytics
Graduation: December 2023
Instagram: @3milylogan

I'm Emily! I'm from Texas and love going to school here at BYU, even when the sidewalks on campus are death traps in the winter. I love volleyball and my brother recently convinced me to take a Ju-Jitsu class with him, so I guess we're trying that out! Read more about Emily here.

Emilee Forbush

May 08, 2023 10:04 AM
Name: Emilee Forbush
Major: Pre-Computer Science: Animation and Games
Minor: Creative Writing
Graduation: December 2027

I am passionate about all thing's stories. I hope my major will teach me the skills required to develop video games, and my minor will aid me in my ambition to become an author. I hope to use this major and minor pair to build worlds that you can enjoy through the written word... Read more about Emilee here.

Colby St Gelais

April 24, 2023 09:17 AM
Name: Colby St Gelais
Major: Communications
Minor: Design Thinking
Graduation: April 2025
Instagram: @colbyst.gelais

What has been the most significant plot twist in your life?

The most significant plot twist in my life was the moment I found out what I wanted to do as a career. I had received a special assignment to create content for the Facebook pages in my mission. I had little knowledge of video production, but I learned how to do it and quickly fell in love as I learned I had a knack for it. Read more about Colby here.

Esther DeWitt

April 10, 2023 09:37 AM
Name: Esther Dewitt
Major: Psychology
Minor: Music
Graduation Date: 2026
Instagram: @queen__esther_

I’m from Williamsburg, VA but I’ve grown up moving all over the world because of my dad’s job. I love music, I’ve played piano for 13 years and have sung and done theatre for 9 years. In the future, I want to go to graduate school, get my PhD and work as a clinical psychologist. I hope to work in war torn areas and refugee camps providing... Read more about Esther here.

Jack Holland

April 03, 2023 10:25 AM
Name: Jack Holland
Major: Pre-Business
Graduation: 2026
Instagram: @haircutoff76

My name is Adam Holland, but I go by Jack because Adam is my father’s name. My family consists of me, my younger brother Ricky, my father Adam, my mother Jacquie, and our two golden retrievers, Liberty and Bailey. I have family in the Salt Lake Valley region. I am second generation BYU student on my mother’s side and fourth generation on my father’s side. I was born while my parents were still attending school. Needless to say, I bleed Blue. Read more about Jack here.

Emmie Hall

March 27, 2023 11:01 AM
Emmie Hall
Major: Cyber Security
Graduation: 2026
Instagram: @emmster_100

I was born in San Francisco but moved to North Carolina at the age of eight. One of my favorite things about the South is the food, especially Bojangles biscuits (if you know, you know). I love tennis and play every chance I get. I can fall asleep anywhere and I enjoy public speaking, traveling, and shopping for clothes. When not in school, I'm most likely cheering on the Cougars at sporting events, spending time with friends, or working out with my roommates. Read more about Emmie here.

Sophie Cranney

March 20, 2023 09:44 AM
Name: Sophie Cranney
Major: Psychology
Graduation: April 2025
Instagram: @sophie_cranney

Hi! My name is Sophie Cranney and I'm from a teeny town in Northern Michigan called Harbor Springs. Before coming to BYU, I studied at the University of Michigan. I was baptized into the LDS church in October of 2021 and applied to BYU directly after. I came here in the fall of 2022, and it has been the greatest adventure of my life so far. I am extremely passionate about my studies in psychology and am so excited to see how my career will grow over my next two years here. Read more about Sophie here.

Zach Stevenson

March 13, 2023 08:47 AM
Name: Zach Stevenson
Major: American Studies & French Studies
Graduation: April 2024
Instagram: @zzstevenson6

I'm the fourth of seven children, and I love to read (primarily contemporary literary fiction and long-form journalism), write and watch films at the International Cinema. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin and spent a few years in California as a young child, but the only place I've ever called home is Purcellville, Virginia, a small but growing town about an hour outside of Washington D.C. Read more about Zach here.

Ian Brunson

March 06, 2023 09:48 AM
Name: Ian Brunson
Major: Nutritional Science
Minor: Chemistry and Mathematics
Graduation: April 2026
Instagram: @brunson.ian

I am from Marshfield, Wisconsin, and served a mission in Billings, Montana, and Sao Paulo Brazil. I enjoy anything that keeps me active (running, swimming, powerlifting) and I love music as well. I play guitar, piano, and trumpet. Read more about Ian here.

Dallin Swanson

February 27, 2023 09:46 AM
Name: Dallin Swanson
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Gerontology
Graduation: April 2023

I am from Draper and served a mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My wife and I are both graduating this semester and have loved our time at BYU. I will begin medical school in July and am very excited to start!

What are people often surprised to learn about you?

I have an identical twin. You might see him on campus and if you call him Dallin, he will likely respond by saying hi. Read more about Dallin here.