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Welcome to the Brigham Young University Honors Program

The Honors Program

Welcome to Honors!  In some ways BYU is itself an Honors program—you had to be smart and hard working to get in.  So in BYU’s Honors Program, we do something different, not necessarily better, than what you do in your other classes: We ask Great Questions and we approach them from an Interdisciplinary Perspective.  

By “Great” questions we mean the kind of question that, for instance, is behind what Professor Jessica Preece in the Political Science Department asks in her research and teaching on how women across the world behave in the political sphere: “Who should rule?” which also implies the question, “Who should choose who should rule?”  

But Great Questions like those can never ultimately be the province of only one discipline.  The sciences tell us about the “whats,” “whys,” and “hows,” of our human existence, but we need the humanities and arts to help us think about what we “ought” to do.  A university is a university for a reason: we need each other.  Come over and see how much you can learn with and learn from different people and different perspectives!




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