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Welcome to the Brigham Young University Honors Program

The Honors Program

Welcome to Honors!  The BYU Honors Program provides a rich and challenging experience for capable and motivated undergraduate students. Our purpose is to broaden and deepen the educational experience of students, and to develop the intellectual integrity and moral character that define disciple-scholarship. An Honors education is not merely a more intensive general education or a more strenuous program in a major. Rather, it grounds students in broader interdisciplinary inquiry that strengthens leadership and encourages the integration of faith, intellect, and character.

Our program is comprised of three dimensions: Great Questions, Experiential Learning, and the Honors Thesis. The central focus of the program is the study of big or "great" questions. Through coursework, research, writing, and hands-on experiences, students explore interdisciplinary approaches and consider ways in which "unexpected connections" can be found between different disciplines, people, and perspectives.  Come discover the unexpected, make connections, and explore broad new horizons through Honors!




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Honors Weekly Spotlight

Name: Seth Taylor

Major: Political Science

Graduation: April 2017

Honors Thesis: I conducted a field experiment in health clinics in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to determine
how various forms of motivation conjure different responses toward innovative academic research. My thesis is
titled, "What Motivates Governments to Learn?: A Field Experiment on Credibility and Social Pressure in

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