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Vika: the Heart of Honors Advisement


As the Honors Advisement Supervisor, Vika works closely with wonderful and smart Honors students in their quest to find unexpected connections, whether that is through classes, Honors thesis or events and activities. She says the best kept secret at BYU is the Maeser Building - home of the Honors Program!

I get most excited about my work when... I know I have made a difference in a student’s life. I always look for opportunities to help and support students as they navigate the whole education system here at BYU.

I’m currently reading… "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World" by David Epstein.

When I have 30 minutes of free time, you can find me… working out in the gym or playing pickleball.

The best-kept BYU secret is… the Maeser Building (home of the Honors Program). We have an Honors Reading Room that students love to study in, it reminds me of HogwartsAnd we have beautiful bathrooms!

My favorite BYU tradition is… tailgating at every BYU Football game because my family and I are BYU die-hard fans.

I’ve hiked Y Mountain... too many times to count.

My go-to comfort food is… chocolate.

Three things that are always found in my refrigerator are… water, water and water.

You’ll never find me without… my one-gallon water bottle.

My favorite TV show growing up was… we didn’t have TV in the Islands!

One item on my bucket list is… to do an Ironman