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Meet the June Honors Grads

Congratulations to our newest Honors alumni!

Congratulations to our June 2023 University Honors graduates! We recognize these outstanding students for their contributions to our Honors community and the expanding body of knowledge. We look to our Honors graduates to lead in our homes, communities and disciplines, and are excited to see them move forward in ways that will impact the world for good. Well done!

Kathleen Bahr

Katie Bahr.jpg
Major: Human Resource Management
Thesis: Racial Empathy Gap in the Workplace: The Existence of and Consequences for Racial Workplace Disparity through Lack of Empathy (View Thesis)
Advisor: Taeya Marie Howell
Plans After Graduation: Kathleen will be working as a People Insights and Analytics Analyst for DaVita

Morgan Lee Chase

Morgan Chase.jpg
Major: Neuroscience
Thesis: Semantic Memory and Decision-Making: An fMRI Study Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation (View Thesis)
Advisor: Christopher Kirwan
Plans After Graduation: Morgan will pursue a PhD in Neuroscience here at BYU

Brigit Lauren Cooper

Major: Psychology
Thesis: Murder Media: Immigration, Crime, and Representation in France (View Thesis)
Advisor: Sara Frances Phenix
Plans After Graduation: Brigit will be attending Law School

Taylor Michael Dalton

Taylor Dalton.jpeg
Major: English
Thesis: The Enduring Influence of Emerson's Ideas on American Management Literature from the Lens of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People (View Thesis)
Advisor: Dennis R. Cutchins
Plans After Graduation: Taylor will be employed as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Co.

Elisha Fernandez

Elisha Freitas.jpg
Major: Editing and Publishing
Thesis: Off the Books: Making a Space for BIPOC Representation in Young Adult Publishing (View Thesis)
Advisor: Jacob D. Rawlins
Plans After Graduation: Elisha will intern for both Utah Valley Magazine (editorial) and Family Search (SEO & Marketing)

Naomi Faith Inman

Naomi Inman.JPG
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Unplugging and Reconnecting: Mindfulness as a Mediator for the Effects of Technoference on Relationship Flourishing (View Thesis)
Advisor: Chelom Eastwood Leavitt
Plans After Graduation: Naomi will attend graduate school at the University of Connecticut

Josie Rackley

Josie Rackley.jpeg
Major: Communications
Thesis: Digital Habits of Gen Z: A Qualitative Study on Why and How College Students Use Instagram (View Thesis)
Advisor: Pamela Brubaker
Plans After Graduation: Josie plans first to travel through Europe, and then will be working freelance in social media

Arabella Smith

Bella Smith.jpeg
Major: Political Science
Thesis: The Ideal Candidate: The Effect of Gender on the Electability of Religious Candidates (View Thesis)
Advisor: Elizabeth McGuire
Plans After Graduation: Arabella will attend graduate school at UCLA

Benjamin Jerry Stubblefield

BYU_2007-21 067
Major: Neuroscience
Thesis: Adapting the Auxin Induced Degradation (AID) System to Danio Rerio and using it to Study the Synaptic Ribbon Protein Bassoon (View Thesis)
Advisor: Arminda Suli
Plans After Graduation: Ben plans to attend medical school.

Ellen Marie Wight

Ellen Wight.jpg
Major: Statistics
Thesis: Comparison of Unweighted and Weighted Prentice-Modified Wilcoxon Tests with Left-Truncated Data (View Thesis)
Advisor: Natalie Blades
Plans After Graduation: Ellen plans to enjoy a gap year before continuing her educational goals.