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Meet the June '24 Honors Graduates

Congratulations to our newest alumni

Congratulations to our June 2024 University Honors graduates! We recognize these outstanding students for their contributions to our Honors community and the expanding body of knowledge. They embody the mission of the Honors Program as influential leaders setting a standard of excellence. Well done!

David William Chandler

David Chandler.jpeg
Major: Linguistics
Thesis: Here-, There-, and Every Where-: Exploring the Role of Pronominal Adverbs in Legal Language (View Thesis)
Advisor: Brett Hashimoto
Plans After Graduation: David will be attending graduate school at Northern Arizona University.

Kelly Pyper Dickson

Kelly Dickson.jpg
Major: Elementary Education
Thesis: Empowering the Heroes of Tomorrow: A Literary Analysis of Portrayals of Protagonists' Agency in Award-Winning Fantasy Novels and its Educational Implications (View Thesis)
Advisor: Paul Ricks
Plans After Graduation: Kelly will be teaching elementary school in the Nebo School District.

Emmeline Farwell

E Farwell.jpeg
Major: Political Science
Thesis: Are Women The Silver Bullet? Understanding Women's Perceptions of Gun Control and Red Flag Laws In the United States (View Thesis)
Advisor: Sven Wilson
Plans After Graduation: Emmeline will be joining a political campaign committee.

Belle Audrey Frahm

Belle Frahm.jpeg
Major: Theatre Arts Studies
Thesis: Hattie's Echo!: A Dramaturgical Experiment of Interdisciplinary Context in Theatre (View Thesis)
Advisor: Alexandra Mackenzie Johns
Plans After Graduation: Belle's plans are still pending.

Brittney Ann Hatchett

Brittney Sherwood.jpg
Major: English Teaching
Thesis: Nothing About Us Without Us: A Folkloristic Approach to Creating Neurodivergent-Friendly Pedagogies for Secondary Classrooms (View Thesis)
Advisor: Michael Richardson
Plans After Graduation: Brittney will be attending graduate school in Teacher Education here at BYU.

Sophie Jane Houghton

Sophie Houghton.jpg
Major: Graphic Design
Thesis: What the Eye Doesn't See: The Power of Non-Ocularcentric Engagement in Museum Learning (View Thesis)
Advisor: Brent Barson
Plans After Graduation: Sophie will be working as a content designer at Zoobean and has plans to attend graduate school in the future.

Jacob Dean Johnston

Jacob Johnston.jpg
Major: Neuroscience
Thesis: Medial Temporal Lobe Surface Features and Cognition in aging Amyloid-Positive Individuals (View Thesis)
Advisor: Derin Cobia
Plans After Graduation: Jacob will be attending Medical School at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Naomi Kristin Julian

N Julian.jpeg
Major: Sociology
Thesis: One Size Does Not Fit All: Creating Educational Equity for Later Diagnosed Autistic Women Across Different Racial Demographics (View Thesis)
Advisor: Carol Ward
Plans After Graduation: Naomi will be attending graduate school in Sociology at California State University - Fullerton.

Katrina Lenay Lantz

Katrina Lantz.jpg
Major: Neuroscience
Thesis: Isothiocyanates in the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects in Chick Embryos (View Thesis)
Advisor: Michael Stark
Plans After Graduation: Katrina will be working as a science content writer at IXL Learning.

Elizabeth Ann Long

Elizabeth Long.jpeg
Major: Sociology
Thesis: Trust in Information, Preparation, and Resource Adequacy in Coastal Louisiana
Advisor: Michael Cope
Plans After Graduation: Elizabeth will be attending graduate school in Sociology here at BYU.

Joshua Samuel Lucas

Joshua Lucas.jpeg
Major: Strategic Management
Thesis: Strategy in Action - The Creation of the Codex (View Thesis)
Advisor: James Oldroyd
Plans After Graduation: Sam will be attending graduate school at Warwick Business School in the UK.

Rachel Leyonna Olson

Rachel Olson.jpeg
Major: Music Education
Thesis: Composing Pedagogically-Informed Choral Literature for Adolescent Males (View Thesis)
Advisor: Erin Bailey
Plans After Graduation: Rachel will be teaching choir and theater in the Jordan School District.

Chase McCleve Peterson

Chase Peterson.jpg
Major: Global Supply Chain Management
Thesis: Exploring How Sino-Business Culture Informs U.S. Business Negotiation Practice (View Thesis)
Advisor: Simon Greathead
Plans After Graduation: Chase will be a trip leader for HXP Humanitarian Experience building infrastructure in Malaysia.

Aaron Herbert Redd

Aaron Redd.png
Major: Physics
Thesis: A Comparison of Ptychography Programs for Lens-Less Imaging with a High-Harmonic Generation (View Thesis)
Advisor: Richard Sandberg
Plans After Graduation: Aaron will attend graduate school at Arizona State University this fall.

Kyli Fox Soug

Kyli Fox.jpg
Major: Sociology
Thesis: Occupational Prestige Among East, Southeast, and Mixed Asian Groups: Exploring Heterogeneity Within the Model Minority Narrative (View Thesis)
Advisor: Scott Sanders
Plans After Graduation: After working for a year in the research sector in Washington D.C., Kyli will attend New York University pursuing a Master of Public Administration.

Allie Jane Smith

A Smith.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Validating the Sexual Anxiety Inventory (View Thesis)
Advisor: Scott Braithwaite
Plans After Graduation: Allie plans to rework her thesis for additional publication and to travel.

Jens Everett Watts

J Watts.jpg
Major: Music
Thesis: The Institutionalization of Jazz Education as Observed in the Greater Salt Lake Area of Utah (View Thesis)
Advisor: Brian Harker
Plans After Graduation: Jens will attend graduate school at the University of Florida.