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Congrats Dec '21 Graduates

Wrapping up the Year with Honors!

We are proud to announce our December 2021 University Honors graduates! We applaud your success in obtaining the highest academic distinction for undergraduates at BYU. We wish you good luck as you embark on the next step of your journey. Congratulations!

Emily Kristine Baldwin

Emily Baldwin.png
Majors: Neuroscience
Thesis: Effects of Catharanthine on Dopamine Release in the Nucleus Accumbens and Ethanol Consumption
Advisor: Scott C. Steffensen
Plans After Graduation: Emily plans to attend graduate school

Autumn Clark

Autumn Clark.jpg
Majors: Information Systems
Thesis: OkWellThen: A Platform to Bring Transparency to Healthcare
Advisor: Jeffrey Jenkins
Plans After Graduation:  Autumn will attend graduate school at Virginia Tech

Martha Jane Harris

Martha Harris1.jpg
Major: Communications
Minor: Global Women's Studies, Theater Arts Studies
Thesis: The Role of Private Police Departments in University Campuses
Advisor: John Robert Walz
Plans After Graduation: Martha is working as a reporter for KSL TV

Sarah Youngsook Jarrett

Major: Physiology & Developmental Biology
Thesis: Removing Deep Brain Photoreceptors in the Optic Tectum
Advisor: Arminda Suli
Plans After Graduation: Applying to Medical school

James William Lakko

Mary Jane MacArthur.jpg
Major: Cybersecurity
Minors: Business, Computer Science
Thesis: Exploring Differences Of Age And Gender On Perceived Experience Of Active Participation Cybersecurity Learning
Advisor: Justin S. Giboney
Plans After Graduation: Employment at Qualtrics as a security operations engineer

Michaela Janee Rappleyea

Michaela Rappleyea
Majors: Editing and Publishing
Thesis: A Language Analysis of the London, Harrow Obituary from 1940 to 1950
Advisor: Jamin Rowan
Plans After Graduation: Michaela will be working as an editor, designer, and illustrator for Familius, LLC

Sheridan Sheperd

Majors: Media Arts Studies
Thesis: Beauty: The Female Standard
Advisor: Dean W. Duncan
Plans After Graduation: Sheridan plans to continue working as a freelance filmmaker

Kathryn Marie Taylor

Major: English Teaching
Minor: Editing
Thesis: What is Literary? Teaching Diverse, Literary Young Adult Novels in the Secondary Classroom
Advisor:  Kristin Matthews
Plans After Graduation:  Kathryn plans to teach at the secondary education level