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Spreading Global Positivity

Making a World of Difference

Join the Honors community this Fall as we travel virtually from Pakistan to Chile and from Canada to Italy! Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we may not be able to actually fly, but we can celebrate and learn from the resiliency and positivity of these countries during this challenging time.

This semester, the Honors Student Leadership Council is inviting students to make a world of difference in our campus community! Making a World of Difference is a service campaign centered on highlighting and emulating the actions people in other countries are taking to serve their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We live in an unprecedented time that has united countries worldwide in solving a common problem, and we are excited to share brilliant and innovative initiatives from all over the globe aimed at promoting community and combating isolation.

Join us as we learn about zakat (charity) taxes in Pakistan that are keeping impoverished families from starving, or masked superheroes in Chile that are bringing happiness to children affected by COVID. Each week we will post a video on BYU Honors social media that includes a country of the week, a positive thing that country is doing to serve those affected by the pandemic, and a related challenge to the BYU Honors community. Our goal is to spread some global positivity on BYU's campus, to create a stronger community, and A.C.T. together!

So, what do you need to do to join this positivity movement?
1. Follow BYU Honors on Instagram and Facebook
2. Watch our short videos that will be posted each Monday
3. Participate in the challenge that week; and
4. Share your experience with us by tagging us or replying in the comments. We may even highlight how you choose to complete the challenge on social media!

Thank you for joining us in Making a World of Difference as we collectively Adapt, Connect and Transcend!