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Opportunities to share your ideas and research with students and other faculty abound in the Honors Program!

Chocolate Milk Discussions

Every other Friday at noon in the Honors Reading Room, we invite a faculty member for an informal chat about their ongoing research with interested students and other faculty. It’s a chance to talk, connect, and spark interests – all while enjoying BYU chocolate milk!

Disciple Scholar Lectures

Once each semester, we invite a faculty guest to present their insights, learning and ideas about life as a disciple-scholar at BYU. Faculty share unique experiences combining scholarship in their field with principles of faith, and consider the challenges we face when academic rigor and faith issues seem to collide. Presenters discuss current problems and potential solutions as we seek to foster a spirit of mutual understanding.

Honors Thesis Poster Session

Poster session.JPG
Each year, honors students present their culminating thesis work in a poster session held in late March or early April. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents are welcome to mix and mingle, enjoy refreshments, and learn about the amazing mentored research happening in the Honors Program.

Honors Conference

Join us in March as our Honors students present their work in a variety of sessions and panels focused on the Great Question Essay and Honors Thesis research. Each year we offer different topics, workshops, and featured guests of interest to all members of the Honors community.

Faculty and Student Socials

Watch our events calendar for other lectures, activities, socials, dinners and events!