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Your Honors Student Leadership Council
Last year required lots of adaptation and flexibility in Honors, especially when it came to events, so these incredible students are well-practiced at Expecting the Unexpected. This year, Honors students can expect an exciting schedule of fun events, engaging programs, and crazy antics as HSLC helps us all get back in full-swing.
The Council is focused largely strengthening our Honors community this year, with an emphasis on two key components:
  • Ambassadorship- The goal of this committee is to create a stronger Honors community through the Ambassadors program, providing more mentorship and excitement within Honors classes. Each Honors class will have a student ambassador that relates information about events, facilitates class events, and builds unity and friendships.
  • Events- The student council also hopes to bring the Honors community together through academically engaging and undeniably fun events. Don’t miss out on the bimonthly Chocolate Chats, monthly activities, and special guest lectures.  See a full schedule of upcoming events here.
Here are the 2021-22 council members leading the charge!

Adam Johnson | President

BYU_2007-21 067
Political Science major, International Strategy and Diplomacy minor
I grew up in Woodland Hills, Utah, in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range. I am an avid mountain biker, rock climber, and hiker. I am actively involved in environmental law research at the J. Reuben Clark Law School. I also have experience in the non-profit sector, leading and participating in start-ups that focus on social impacts in education and the environment. I am currently working on my thesis that examines the effectiveness of COVID outreach strategies applied to climate skeptics.

Bek Reno | Vice President of Ambassadorship

BYU_2007-21 067
ACME major with Computer Science emphasis, Business minor
I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and love the east coast since I also served a mission in Florida. Standing at 6'2" tall, I certainly fall into the height stereotypes of playing volleyball and basketball, but I also love weightlifting. The Honors program is my favorite part of BYU - it's a community of scholars and friends who have helped me gain greater perspective on life and taught me how to both broaden and deepen my learning experience outside of my major.

Danny Jones | Vice President of Events

BYU_2007-21 067
Computer Science major with an emphasis in Bioinformatics
My family lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand where I attended most of High School. I'm hoping to one day work in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces. I enjoy sports and playing the piano. I love the Honors program because of the awesome community it provides. I've met so many cool people here!

Diana Vogelzang | Secretary and Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
International Relations major
I am from Northern Virginia but my family moved from Bolivia. I love learning new languages, talking to people, playing tennis with my husband, and cooking. I hope to one day be a foreign officer ! I love the Honors program because of the community that exists among the students.

Dallyn H McCracken | Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Linguistics Major, Middle Eastern Studies Minor
I am from Burley Idaho. I love being social, trying new things, and combining unexpected things, so basically anything to do with honors. I also love MUN! It is basically an internationally-focused honors styled class, but it's unfortunately not technically Honors.

Benjamin Griffin | Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Entrepreneurship major, Spanish minor
I am from Springville, Utah. As the oldest of ten children, I LOVE spending time with family by playing board games, camping, music, and just chatting. My hobbies and interests include photography, filmmaking, music composition, creative problem solving, innovation, outdoors, cooking, getting to know people, and flying drones! I love Honors because it allows me to explore diverse fields and be constantly growing and expanding in my life.

Suzy Yi | Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Political Science major, Philosophy minor
I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado! I love baking technical desserts, hiking, reading self-help books, and just recently got into painting as one of my Covid projects. I'm planning on attending law school, so most of my time now is spent preparing for that. I love the Honors program because it introduced me to many classes that I never would have taken on my own, like jazz and film. Those classes also helped me make connections that extended far beyond the classroom as I recognized those links in my daily life.

Georgi Wilson | Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Psychology major
I am from Dallas, Texas. I am on the BYU track team and hope to race a cheetah one day. I enjoy memorizing quotes, art, traveling, and anything outdoors from climbing trees to cliff jumping. One reason why I love Honors is the community and friends I’ve made in the program. Honors has expanded my thinking and taught me to make unexpected connections throughout several areas of my life and has broadened my perspective.

Tayzlie Haack | Ambassadorship Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Economics major, Political Science minor
I am from Goldsboro, NC and I enjoy mountain biking, playing rugby, traveling, and watching documentaries. I love the Honors program because it provides opportunities I would not have anywhere else on campus. I get to learn from awesome professors in fields I don’t normally study.

Brigit Cooper | Events Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Psychology major
I like to bake, do martial arts, and go to the beach, and my hometown is Eugene, Oregon. I am also working on my French certificate. I love the honors program because I get to learn from and work with great people who all have different backgrounds and aspirations.

Kennedy Madrid | Events Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Neuroscience major, Sociology minor
I am from Rancho Cucamonga, California. I am also a research assistant for Dr. Derin Cobia in the psychology department where we utilize MRI scans in our research. Outside of school and studying, I love to read, listen to true crime podcasts, hang out with friends, and bake. I love the Honors Program because of its interdisciplinary foundation. I am the type of person who likes to learn a little bit about everything, and the Honors Program allows me to do that.

Benjamin Stubblefield | Events Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Neuroscience Major, Psychology and Chemistry Minor
Hello! I'm a junior here at BYU and am from Idaho Falls, ID. Just about anything under the sun interests me. I love sports (especially baseball), play the violin, love to travel, and appreciate the finest of foods. I love how the Honors Program has been able to fulfill my desire for diversity in my education through its unique classes and speakers chosen for our chocolate chats!

Lauren Smith | Events Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Spanish major, TESOL minor
I’m from Mapleton UT, and I love cats and have two at home. My hobbies include reading and stargazing. A fun and kind of weird fact about me is that I have a color palette—all of my clothes fit into 5 colors that all go together. Come find me in the Maeser and I’ll let you know what colors they are!

Jeremy Mumford | Events Committee

BYU_2007-21 067
Computer Science major, Cybersecurity minor
I hail from Bountiful, Utah. I work as a data engineer at BYU Broadcasting. My dream is to buy a ticket to Mars in 15 years. I enjoy flying his drone outside and playing my xbox inside. I wish more people would appreciate the artistic genius of Tron: Legacy.

Vika Filimoeatu | HSLC Advisor

BYU_2007-21 067
Vika is the heart of HSLC and ensures that the council is on task but having fun! She lives in Provo, Utah with her husband, Danny and her two kids. On the weekends, she likes to play/watch sports and she will always challenge you to a pickleball tournament. She also enjoys cleaning and organizing especially when she is stressed.