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Helping the Honors Community Thrive

Meet your Honors Student Leaders

This year's Honors Student Leadership Council (HSLC) members are excited to serve as your representatives as they work to strengthen the Honors Community! This incredible team of students from disciplines across campus are dedicated to advancing the Honors Program mission through events, service opportunities, and other initiatives. They too are working to A.C.T. this year -- adapting to new circumstances, connecting with you in new ways, and transcending obstacles to help our Honors community thrive!

The Council is divided up into three different teams with various assignments:

  • Marketing – The goal of the marketing team is to increase awareness of Honors Program across the University and to help Honors students be aware of the resources available to them. They accomplish this goal by orchestrating advertising to current Honors Program students and promoting the Honors Program at the University level.
  • Events – The goal of the events team is to engage Honors students in our community of scholars, as well as enhance Honors students’ undergraduate experiences. They design and coordinate events (in person AND virtual!) to increase the familiarity of Honors students with various resources, notable scholars on campus, and each other.
  • Community – The goal of the community team is to enrich and unify the Honors community of scholars by connecting students, professors, and administration with one another. They provide links between the Council and the students through the Honors Ambassador program and advocating for Honors students on an administrative level. 

Get to know the members of this year’s Council!

Lindsey Walker | President

Lindsey Walker Leader.png
Political Science and International Development Majors

I love being outside, putting my toes in the sand, anything sporty, love me some Utah Jazz, and good old school R&B music. I love being in a place like the Honors Program where everyone just wants to learn and it’s a cool thing to learn and gain more knowledge.

Adam Johnson | Vice President

Adam Johnson Leader.png
Marketing Committee Chair | Political Science Major, Minor in International Strategy and Diplomacy

I am passionate about helping others through social impact programs, politics, and diplomacy. I integrate this passion into my studies and work in order to find ways to improve the quality of life of individuals. I love that the Honors Program acts as a platform that allows students to increase their depth of learning and get the tools they need to change the world.

Emilee Carr | Vice President

Emilee Carr Leader.png
Events Committee Chair | Molecular Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

I love discussing Russian Literature, making intricate puns, and teaching llamas how to hike, preferably all at the same time. I also have a passion for global health and viruses (the good ones). My favorite part of the Honors Experience is the small, personal quality which makes you feel special in a sea of thousands.

Gabe Richardson | Secretary

Gabe Richardson Leader.png
Community Committee Chair | Physics Major, Math Minor

I am a passionate explorer with an interest in space and the earth (particularly the ocean). I am fascinated with the applications of light, and I hope to develop technologies that use light to improve humanity's understanding of ourselves, our earth, and our universe. Honors has been an invaluable part of my university experience, with so many opportunities to learn and make invaluable friendships. I would not exchange my Honors experience for anything.

Lincoln Teichert | Treasurer

Marketing Committee | Communication Studies Major, Spanish Minor

I love meeting new people, listening to a hodgepodge of music, whitewater rafting, hanging out by lakes surrounded by mountains and all sorts of sports. I also can’t get enough of BYU devotionals, the Museum of Art, homemade rolls, biscuits, scones, BBQ ribs that fall off the bone, laughter, books and movies. I love how you can’t beat the willingness to get out of comfort zones I see in my Honors peers every day.

Ethan McGinty | Marketing Committee

Ethan McGinty Leader.png
English and Portuguese Studies Majors, Minor in Professional Writing and Rhetoric

I am from Illinois, like cooking without measuring or following recipes, attempt (often unsuccessfully) to befriend every cat that I meet, and keep a constantly-updating mental list of classic novels that I'm embarrassed not to have read yet. I love Honors because it gives students a place where they can ask questions and push boundaries independently or together, following their own interests and making their own discoveries.

Abbey Whitcomb | Marketing Committee

Abbey Whitcomb Leader.png
Public Health Major with an emphasis in Epidemiology, International Development Minor

I'm an east coast girl with a passion for apple cider donuts and gorgeous fall hikes. My favorite part about the Honors Experience is that the unexpected connections classes are so eye opening!

Jared Hales | Events Committee

Jared Hales Leader.png
Psychology Major

Hailing from the suburbs of South Salt Lake, I am to bring energy, life, and humor to the honors council. Along with being a total comedian, I enjoy running, pickleball, playing piano, and baking. My favorite part of the BYU honors program is seeing the passion with which the professors lead their classes and how they pass that enthusiasm to the students they teach.

Morgan Chase | Events Committee

Morgan Chase Leader.png
Neuroscience Major, Africana Studies Minor

I am from New Mexico and I love driving and seeing new parts of the country. I love reading, hiking, and playing the piano. My favorite part of my Honors Experience has been finding a sense of community among all of the great people that I get to be around in the Honors Program.

Austin LeSueur | Events Committee

Austin LeSueur Leader.png
Biochemistry Major

I love learning and especially teaching. I also enjoy reading for fun when I don't have to do it for class. Connecting with and talking to people that like to think about things in different ways has been an awesome part of the Honors Experience.

Yang Li | Events Committee

Yang Li Leader.png
Environmental Science Major

I am passionate about a sustainable planet and also good food. My favorite part of BYU Honors is I can explore different things academically in a Liberal Arts college environment while attending a big university.

Caleb Johnson | Community Committee

Caleb Johnson Leader.png
Computer Science and Statistics Majors, Math Minor

I am a senior from Bountiful who is passionate about skiing, reading, and woodworking. My favorite part of the honors experience has been getting to work collaboratively with students from every major to tackle big questions and make unexpected connections.

Allison Pickens | Community Committee

Allison Pickens Leader.png
Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology Major, Music Minor

I am a huge science nerd who also loves 19th century literature and reality TV. I spend the majority of my time either in a research lab or getting way too invested in Dance Moms. I have loved getting to know all the fantastic people that are a part of the honors program.

Kee Ranger | Community Committee

Kee Ranger Leader.png
Major in Communication Studies, American Indian Studies and Ballet Minors

I love learning, and university has been my second home this year. I am a dancer, and ballet has shown me how discipline can shape and build character. I love the wide array of students from every walk of life, and how Honors promotes community within BYU.

Alixa Brobbey | Community Committee

Alixa Brobbey Leader.png
English Major

As an English major, I'm passionate about telling stories and reading about others'. I believe that art is an important way to learn empathy and help make the world more just for everyone. I've loved taking the unexpected connections courses and learning about ways that various disciplines intersect and complement each other in surprising ways.