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Dr. Janelle Macintosh

Dr. Macintosh is a popular professor in both the College of Nursing and the Honors Program. As a registered nurse, her research focuses on neonatal care and immunization.

Honors involvement: Will be co-teaching HONRS 220 Section 2: “Literature and Health”, in Winter 2022 with Dr. John Talbot.

Why Honors?
As a nurse, I engage with people at their most vulnerable and most elated moments in life. I am excited to see what unexpected connections students and my fellow teacher find between literature and health.

When do you get most excited about your work?
I love when students really engage with the topic. My favorite is when students tell me they went home and talked about a class discussion with their roommates, friends, and family.

Especially with the recent rise in healthcare awareness, what do you wish everyone knew about nursing or another subject you have studied?
Health is such a complex topic, and caring for people when they are vulnerable is a privilege. We are so blessed, but there are many people in the U.S. and even in Utah who do not have access to healthcare or other features that contribute to good health.

Tell us more about your journey to professorship.
After growing up in Wyoming, I served a mission in Portugal. Then I moved to Virginia and went to nursing school. I moved back west to Salt Lake City and worked as a nurse in the Newborn ICU at the University of Utah. I really love learning and after about 5 years, I decided to work part-time and go back to school for a Ph.D. I was recruited by BYU to teach in the College of Nursing and began teaching in 2011.

What is your favorite part of nursing?
I love holding the babies. I worked all-night shifts (7pm–7am) and I would often be found at 2am sitting in a rocking chair, holding a baby, reading out loud. I think a favorite was Ender’s Game. I also love helping parents learn to care for their little one, and helping them understand the differences between premature infants and term babies.

My go-to comfort food is...
Salty, crunchy snacks and caramel—I don’t like chocolate.

What are three things you can never be found without?
Coke, Vanilla Coke, and Cherry Coke!