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Steven Johnson

Associate Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Biology | Life Sciences

3132 LSB

Why Honors? I have always had a passion for acquiring new knowledge and learning new things. I used to tell people that if I were to win the proverbial lottery and not have to work, I would just live in a college town and pursue degree after degree acquiring as much knowledge and wisdom as possible. After becoming a professor at BYU (and having more degrees than I ever imagined I would have), what I would tell people now is that there is no better job than being a professor: it’s like winning the proverbial lottery. Honors is the space in which I get to continue my dreams of learning new ideas and making new connections beyond my day-to-day scientific endeavors. I love doing this and want to bring like-minded students along with me on this exciting life-long adventure.

HONRS 221: Biology/Arts, TBA