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Braithwaite.Scott photo.jpg

Scott Braithwaite

Professor, Psychology | Family, Home and Social Sciences

286 TLRB

Why Honors? Picture yourself in a world where curious minds aren't just a fancy decoration on a university brochure but a daily reality. You've got students around you who are more interested in debating the existence of dark matter or exploring the social impact of meme culture than they are in just “getting through" college. Honors is the five-course meal of education – you're not just stuck with the 'meat and potatoes' of your own department. You get a taste of insights from everywhere.

I love rubbing shoulders with brilliant, inquisitive students and faculty. Their desire to plumb the depths of knowledge, explore uncharted territories of thought, and seek profound insights beyond the ordinary rekindles my own goal to be a lifelong learner. In BYU Honors, I find the thrill of the unexpected that continually redefines and expands my understanding of education and the world at large.

HONRS 226: Social Science/Letters, TBA