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Congrats to our August Graduates

On to New Adventures

We are proud to announce our August 2021 University Honors graduates! You have achieved great success here at BYU in obtaining the highest academic distinction for undergraduates. We wish you good luck on your future ventures as you embark on the next step of your journey. We are excited to see how you revolutionize your fields and serve your communities as BYU Honors alumni!

Loriana Rebecca Goulding

Majors: Psychology/ Korean
Thesis: Left Out: An FMRI study exploring handedness-based exclusion in memory research. View Thesis
Advisor: Christopher Kirwan
Plans After Graduation: Loriana will be attending law school.

Robert Hadfield

Robert Hadfield.jpg
Majors: Biochemistry/Biology
Thesis: Impacts of Manipulation Photoperiod on Circadian Rhythms of Agave Photosynthesis. View Thesis
Advisor: J. Ryan Stewart
Plans After Graduation: Robert will work as a research assistant in Seth Bybee's Biology lab here at BYU.

Colt Mitchell Halter

Colt Halter.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Stress-Induced Plasma Cortisol Concentrations in Infancy are Associated with Later Parenting Behaviors in Female Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) View Thesis
Advisor: James Higley
Plans After Graduation: Colt will be attending Wayne State University in the Fall.

Austin Taylor Heath

Sarah Jarrett.jpg
Major: Statistics
Minor: Chinese
Thesis: STAT 121 Decision Based Learning Development and Implementation View Thesis
Advisor: Perpetua Nielson
Plans After Graduation: Austin is auditioning at Fifth Partners.

Mary Jane MacArthur

Mary Jane MacArthur.jpg
Major: Economics
Minors: Mathematics/ International Development/ Music
Thesis: Binocular Rivalry Perceptual Alternation and Approach-Avoidance in College-Aged Women with Autistic Traits and a History of Adverse Experiences View Thesis
Advisor: Rebecca Lundwall
Plans After Graduation: Mary Jane will attend graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University

Trevor Tosh Matthews

Michaela Rappleyea
Majors: Classical Studies/ Spanish Studies
Thesis: A Moment of Sanity: Cicerenian Rhetoric in Don Quixote View Thesis
Advisor: Dale Pratt
Plans After Graduation: Trevor will be attending BYU Law School in the Fall.

Ethan Patrick McGinty

Majors: English/ Portugese Studies
Minor: Professional Writing and Rhetoric
Thesis: Social Media Misinformation Censors and the Post-Rhetorical Presidency View Thesis
Advisor: Richard Crosby
Plans After Graduation: Ethan will be attending University of Virginia’s Law School in the Fall.

Sierra Moore

Major: Family Life
Thesis: Sexual Beliefs in Couple Relationships: Exploring the Pathways of Mindfulness, Communication, and Sexual Functioning on Sexual Passion and Satisfaction View Thesis
Advisor: Dean Busby
Plans After Graduation: Sierra will be attending graduate school.

Grace Ann Soelberg

Grace Soelberg.jpeg
Major: History
Minors: Sociology/ Africana Studies
Thesis: Peculiar Students of a Peculiar Institution: A Historical Analysis of Racial Minority Students and Race Relations at Brigham Young University as Presented in the Banyan from 1911-1985 View Thesis
Advisor: Christopher Jones
Plans After Graduation: Grace will be applying to graduate school.

Nancy Rebecca Cox Wilson

Nancy Wilson.png
Major: Molecular Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Thesis: On the Relationship of Diabetes and Sleep Apnea: Evolution and Epigenetics View Thesis
Advisor: Steven Johnson
Plans After Graduation: Now living in New Zealand, Nancy plans to take a short break and then pursue graduate work.