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Apply Now to be an Honors TA This Fall!

Give Back as an Honors TA!

Building friendships, developing leadership, and learning across the campus is key to the Honors experience, and there’s no better way to be a part of the Honors community than as a teaching assistant in an Honors class! The Honors Program is now accepting applications for TA positions in HONRS 120 and Unexpected Connections courses this Fall. Find the Application Form here and submit to

Honors TAs have opportunities to lead, mentor, tutor, and share their own Honors experience with other students. Our Honors faculty rely on TAs to assist with a variety of things, including reviewing work, meeting with students, and leading discussion groups. This year, helping navigate media and technology will be more critical than ever too. Here’s what current and former Honors TAs say about their experiences:

  • The professors, the co-workers, and the students you get to work with as a TA will become a defining part of your BYU experience and the type of thinker and human you are. It feels less like a job and more like “brain candy” in the words of Prof. Magleby— purely because as you work, you encounter and learn from an incredibly diverse range of ideas, life experiences, academic proclivities, hopes, and dreams. As a TA, you are an integral part of the Honors family. And you’re paid for it. It’s a win-win-win-win kind of deal.
  • I'm considering going into teaching, so TAing for Honors 120 was obviously perfect for that. I got to structure my own section, work with students to meet the Honors Program's goals, work with other TAs and Dr. Magleby, grade papers and attendance; in other words, I got to be a teacher for 2 years!
  • You get the opportunity to interact with even more of the Honors community! And that can lead to great discussions, new perspectives, and lasting friendships.
  • It helped me professionally by giving me clear leadership opportunities that I could talk about with future employers. As an introvert, my leading typically takes place ‘under the table,’ so it's harder to give specific examples of when I lead. I also think grading the papers has given me editing experience. Being able to help students in their writing process and seeing the other end of grading the papers helped me to see more clearly how to edit papers to achieve the purposes they're being written for.
  • The goals I set for myself were a big part of why I wanted to be a TA: I applied because I had such a positive experience in my own section and I wanted to help others have positive experiences as well.
  • Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the Honors Program! You get to help bright minds that in turn light your own. You get to be a part of a very special legacy of knowledge, passing a torch of wisdom that others once passed to you. There’s no better feeling than paying forward what you’ve had the privilege to receive.
  • You get to take your favorite classes again, but from a different perspective! 
  • Nothing helps you to learn like helping others learn. And there’s nothing as fulfilling as helping people on their journeys of knowledge! These kinds of experiences are ones you treasure for life.

What are you waiting for?! Positions begin at $10/hr and most require about 10 hrs/week. Applicants must have successfully completed classes for which they apply. Spots will fill quickly, so fill out an application today and submit your application to