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2019 University Honors Graduates

Congratulations to our exemplary group of 2019 Honors Grads!

Congratulations to our 2019 University Honors graduates!

On April 24, 2019, Honors faculty, members of the University administration, and family members came together to congratulate the Honors graduates with a Banquet and Medallion Ceremony. The event was held in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom and the Honors Thesis posters of all the graduates were on display for attendees to peruse. Christian Hales, an April 2019 Honors Graduate from the Music Performance program, performed an exquisite rendition of “Meditation from Thais” by Julies Massenet on the double bass and was accompanied by Zac Adamson on the piano.

The keynote address was given by April 2019 Honors graduate Brenna DeLynn Scadden. She spoke about the transformative experiences herself and others experienced in the Honors Program and how they are now prepared to excel in their various fields. Dr. Spencer Magleby, Associate Dean and Director of the Honors Program, congratulated the Honors graduates and awarded the students their 2019 University Honors medallions.

The next afternoon, April Honors graduate David Kastner gave the Student Representative address at the University Commencement Exercises in the Marriott Center titled “The Ultimate Triumph of Truth”. The video and transcription of his speech can be seen on BYU Speech’s website.

Our Honors 2019 graduates exemplify the standards of the BYU Honors Program and are moving on to great things. Of the graduates, 72% will be pursuing graduate degrees at various academic institutions including MIT, Columbia, Stanford and various prestigious medical and dental schools across the nation. The remaining 28% of the graduates are entering the workforce in primarily the government and business sectors.

Photos of individual graduates and their families can be seen here through our BYU Honors Program Facebook page.

Honors Theses are available through BYU’s Scholars Archive.

Name Major Thesis Title
Austin Ahlstrom Mathematics Computational Regiospecific Analysis of Brian Lipidomic Profiles
Ryan Anderson Mechanical Engineering Investigating the Impact of Taper and Aspect Ratio on a Stalling Wing Using a Corrected Vortex Lattice Method
Emily Ashcraft Communications The Impact of Media on the Formation of Government in Scotland
Chayce Baldwin Psychology Seeing the World through Humility-Tinted Lenses: Exploring Social Cognitive Explanations for Outcomes of Humility
Shannon Barham Dietetics Program coordinators experiences with introducing parent-focused health lessons to a child-centered nutritional supplement program: An exploration of recent programmatic changes in Liahona
Barrett Burgin Media Arts Studies Father of Man: An Exploration of the Afterlife in Cinema Creative
Megan Chan Human Resource Management The Negative Impact of Positive Stereotyping in Workplaces - Relationship Between Positive Stereotypes, Perceived Competence and Perceived Potential for Leadership
Dallin Colgrove Mechanical Engineering Steering System for SAE Baja
Jane Cox Mathematics & German Studies The Mosquito and the Rose: Similar Themes in the Writings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Kobayashi Issa
Jack Davis Economics Evaluating the Impact of Federal R&D Spending on Patent Registration: A NASA Case Study
Ethan Davis Economics & French Studies Examining the Effect of Immigration on the Welfare State and Populism
Tyler Durfee Political Science Identity and Political Realignment Among Hispanic Voters
Jonathan Dutson Computer Science User Attitudes About DUO Two-Factor Authentication at BYU
Alex Farnsworth Biochemistry Nonlinear Optical Characterization of Solids
Rachel Finlayson Political Science Let Us Reason Together: Female Voices in Religious Deliberation
Erin Fitzgerald Family life How Maternal Gate-keeping and Media Conflict Affect Media Monitoring in a Co-parental Context
Paul Flake Microbiology & Spanish Studies Further Understanding of Bacteriophages that Infect the Bacterial Family Enterobacteriaceae
Chance Fox Exercise Science Frost 450, A Novel Microtubule Targeting Agent: Resistance and Cross-Resistance in an Ovarian Cancer Cell Line
John Garbero Sociology Familiarity with Homosexuality "Changes Hearts": What Lay Members and Former Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Think About LGBP Issues
Melissa Grannis European Studies & Spanish

Midwifery Practices in the United Kingdom and Soviet Union from the

1920s to 1950s

Brady Hales Mechanical Engineering Implementation of Augmented Reality in S.A.E Mini-Baja
Christian Hales Music Performance I Hear Dead People: Addressing the Discord Between Museum Culture and Contemporary Classical Music
Moremi Hamblin Public Health Epistasis of Alzheimer's Disease
Sarah Hamner Public Health Occupational Exposures in Relation to Alzheimer's Disease Mortality
Katrina Hillam Neuroscience "Where Was I?" Linguistic Reprocessing in Distracted Reading
Teya Jensen Communications & Russian ЛОЛ - Comparing Expressions of Humor Used in Memes by Russian and English Speakers
Jordan Jones Anthropology Games and Social Organization Among Korean Students
David Kastner Biophysics Computational Modeling of Peptides Containing Non-Standard Amino Acids
Jennifer Kimball History Legal Supremacy: The Translation Between Tsarist and Communist Constitutions and Criminal Codes
Ryno Kruger Psychology Oxytocin Genotypes and Social Affiliation: A Model of the Genetic Underpinnings Behind Social Bonding
Elvira Correa-Lazaro Political Science Human Trafficking and Economic Development
Eric Lenhart Applied Physics Ripple in the Sand: How Air Flow Forms Self-Organizing Patterns on Particulate Surfaces
Jaron Lundwall Chemical Engineering Multidisciplinary Design Optimizations for Solar-Regenerative High-Altitude Long Endurance Aircraft
Jessica McClintock Genetics, Genomics & Biotechnology Genetics Beyond the Classroom: An Analysis of Undergraduate Students' Understanding of Genetics and Attitudes Towards Clinical Genetics
Ian McLaughlin History "The Paternal Care of a Patriot Legislature"-Legislative Instructions and the Contested Boundaries of the Political Nation in Late Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Emily Menden Computer Science Computationally Modeling the Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone National Park
Patrick Merkle Political Science & Classical Studies A Comparison of Military Council Throughout the Classical Epic Tradition
Mitchell Merrill Spanish Quality of Hispanic Oral Health in the U.S: Perceptions of Dentists and a Call for Improvement
Jacob Newman Mathematics On The Persecution of the Salvadoran People
Michael Nixon Strategic Management Fight, Flight, or Freeze: Human Responses in a Business Strategy Environment
Alex Oldroyd English Kekuaokalani: An Historical Fiction Exploration of the Hawaiian Iconoclasm
Amanda Parsons Neuroscience Sex Differences in Ethanol Modulation of Dopamine Release in the Mesolimbic Reward System
Lucas Pinto Bioinformatics, Neuroscience A task-based model of NMDA-mediated glutamatergic synaptic dysfunction and its relation to antipsychotics
Sarah Polhill English Honor and Benefit in John Milton's "Paradise Regained."
Brenna Scadden Communication Disorders The Effects of Multi-Tiered Systems of Language Support on Oral Language, Reading Comprehension, and Writing in Second and Third Grade Students in India
Emily Schill Communication Disorders The Price of Public Land: An Analysis of Visitor Responsiveness to National Park Entrance Fees
Hunter Searle Computer Engineering Adaptable ICSHK with irregular QAM Constellations
Amanda Solomon Middle Eastern Studies- Arabic Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Against Arab Women Refugees: Yazidi Minority in Northern Iraq
Elina Stewart Nursing Student Perspectives on Working in Interdisciplinary Teams to Improve mHealth
Taylor Topham English "The Right Use of Reason": Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Moral Education in Peter Parley's Annual
Merrill Warnick Mathematics & Economics Divisibility Properties of Coefficients of Modular Functions of Genus Zero Levels
Hanel Watkins Neuroscience Inhibitory Neural Mechanisms in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption
Kelsey Wight History "A Time of Discord, a Time of Unity: The Religious Persecution, and Changing Traditions of Nuns in Reformation England"
Elizabeth Young Communications Disorders Using Electropalatography to Analyze Intra-Speaker Variability in German Second Language Fricative Production