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Robert Flores

Robert Flores
Major: Neuroscience
Minors: Hebrew and Chemistry
Graduation Date: 2025
Instagram: @r_flores12

There isn't too much to know about me. I began playing soccer when I was five and have been playing ever since! I am pre-med and love joining clubs, being a part of research projects on campus, and doing activities where I can be around people. But my number one passion is spending time with my AMAZING wife :).

What's one item on your bucket list? 


What are people often surprised to learn about you?

I'm really bad at spelling (like not just a little bit, like really bad)!

What has been the most significant plot twist in your life? 

Marrying my wife after she told me she wouldn't get married at BYU :).

Why did you decide to join the Honors Program?

I decided to join the honors program because of the awesome opportunities it provides (like research). It looks awesome on applications to medical school, and I am so excited to write a thesis.

What has been your favorite part of your Honors experience?

My favorite part has been interacting with people who have different majors from me. I am in mostly pre-med classes and because of that I usually meet with very like-minded people. The Honors Program gives me the chance to understand how other people think.

What is your next step in Honors?

This upcoming semester I will be taking an Unexpected Connections course, Honors 250: Biology-Arts.