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Bronwyn Meldrum

Major: Biology
Minors: Business, Chemistry
Graduation Date: April 2023

I love science, and I am passionate about helping people and the Earth, which is why I want to pursue medicine, environmental science, or both! I love to crochet, bake, and play board games. My dad was in the Air Force, so I moved around a lot as a kid, from Michigan to California to Maryland to England and then settled in Pennsylvania.

What are people often surprised to learn about you? 

I am quiet at first, but my roommate says I am the funniest person she has ever met. Not sure if that says more about me or about her social circle, but I have been known to extract a few laughs.

All modesty aside, what are you better at than 90% of people?

I may not be better at crocheting than 90% of grandmas, but I can hold my own against pretty much all college kids.

What do you do differently than most people? 

I can vibrate my eyes!

Why did you decide to join the Honors Program?

I have always striven to challenge myself and reach the highest honor I could. In high school I took every AP class available to me and managed to become the valedictorian, so when I learned that BYU had an Honors Program, it wasn't really a question of if I would join! I also love the idea of mixing multiple disciplines to create a bigger and better whole, especially since I am very indecisive, so I figured it might help me find a way to mash my interests together into a career!

What has been your favorite part of your Honors experience?

I loved taking the Unexpected Connections courses. My favorite was a blend of astronomy and Narnia, and who doesn't love Narnia??

What is your next step in Honors?

My next step in Honors is to pass Honors 320 (let's hope) and then begin my thesis proposal.