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Alexandra Jones

Major: Finance
Minor: Global Business and Literacy
Graduation: April 2024
Instagram: @alexandradjones

I am from Houston, Texas (Go Texans) and love meeting new people. I am a sophomore at BYU and I have absolutely enjoyed every moment. I have been dancing since I was 6 years old, specifically ballet and jazz, and have recently been branching out into new styles of dance. I love to play the violin, go ice skating, and overall do or learn something completely new. I am passionate about my beliefs, and I am always interested in hearing about others’ beliefs and their points of view.

What sparked your interest in your major? 

My mom actually sparked my interest in the Finance field. She works at ConocoPhillips, which is an oil and gas company back home in Texas. They would have these days called Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Each time she would bring me and my sister, I would love the environment and the occupation. I am hoping to get into the company or something related to the corporate finance field.

What are people often surprised to learn about you? 

I was adopted from Southern Siberia, Russia when I was 5 years old. When I first arrived, I was speaking fluent Russian so immediately I had to learn the English language and adapt to the new culture. It was difficult at first, but then one day a switch clicked in my head, and I was speaking English instead of Russian. No one in my household spoke Russian, so overtime I lost the language. I am grateful for my mom every day for being able to adopt me and my sister (Natasha) from another country and I thank God every day for the blessings I have received since then.

Why did you decide to join the Honors Program?

I heard about the Honors Program before I came to BYU and as I was looking into it, I realized it had everything that I was looking for in a college academic experience. Honors gives me the opportunity to explore the way I think and find ways to think outside of the box. As I mentioned in my introduction, I love learning new concepts and subjects, and this program fulfills that. I also liked that one honors class cancels two of my GE’s, plus the class sizes are smaller.

What has been your favorite part of your Honors experience?

My favorite part of the Honors experience has been the Unexpected Connections courses. I have taken a Social Science and Arts class, and I really enjoyed that they talked about a concept that is prevalent in our lives right now, which is racism and prejudice. I found it really interesting the way they tied in racism with music/art and I learned genuine information that I can use in my daily life. The courses open your mind to new topics and by the end, you are able to find your own unexpected connection between the subjects.

What is your next step in Honors?

My next step in Honors is to take my last Unexpected Connections course (Honors 223 – Physical Science and Letters). I will also be taking Honors 310 in order to take the leadership class over the Summer since I am planning on studying abroad in Cambridge or getting an internship.