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April 2022 Honors Graduates


We are proud to announce our April 2022 University Honors graduates! Each spring, the university and Honors Program communities come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our graduates. Graduating from BYU with University Honors is no small feat, only achieved by about one percent of the graduating class. It takes careful planning, hard work, and collaboration with faculty and students alike. University Honors is the highest academic distinction awarded by BYU to students at the undergraduate level. We applaud these outstanding students and thank each of you for your contributions to our Honors community of scholars.

Benjamin Curth

Ben Curth.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Religiousness and Risky Behaviors Mediated by Moral Attitudes
Advisors: Sam Hardy
Post-Graduation Plans: Benjamin has accepted a position at Blue Raven Solar as a Permitting Specialist.

Aubrey Jean Dickens

Aubrey Dickens.jpg
Major: English
Thesis: The only story I’ll be able to tell”: An Analysis of Shame and Queer Identity in Gothic American Campus Novels
Advisors: Kristen Matthews
Post-Graduation Plans: Aubrey will be attending BYU to complete a Masters in English.

Jessica Dofelmire

Jessica Dofelmire.jpg
Major: Political Science
Thesis: The Role of Latter-Day Saint Resentment in Utah's Culture War
Advisor: Joseph Monson
Post-Graduation Plans: Jessica will be taking a gap year and then attending law school next Fall.

Amy Kathryn Griffin

Amy Griffin Picture.jpg
Major: Communications with an emphasis in Journalism
Thesis: Pixels & the Polls: The impact of female role models in television media on the perceived electability of women
Advisor: Sarah Coyne
Post-Graduation Plans: Amy will be working at Qualtrics and as a paralegal.

Haley Kay Grizzell

Haley Grizzell Picture.jpg
Major: Political Science
Thesis: Motives for Repression of Chinese Ethnic Minorities: A Comparative Case Study of Xinjiang and Tibet
Advisor: Celeste Beesley
Post-Graduation Plans: Haley will be working for the Department of Defense.

Tayzlie Haack

BYU_2007-21 067
Major: Economics
Thesis: The Effect of Mobile Voting Units on Voter Turnout: An Ada County, Idaho Study
Advisor: Riley Wilson
Post-Graduation Plans: Tayzlie will be attending University of Utah Law School in the Fall.

Kaylin Hill

Kaylin Hill Picture.jpg
Major: Anthropology with a Sociocultural emphasis
Thesis: “More Than Conquerors": The Evangelical Kingdom Model at Work in One of America's Protestant Megachurches
Advisor: Charles Nuckolls
Post-Graduation Plans: Kaylin will be attending University of South Carolina for graduate school.

Brooke James

Brooke James.jpg
Major: Editing and Publishing
Thesis: Gender-Related Language Trends in Online Written News: Comparative Corpus Analysis of Prescribed vs. Actual Usage
Advisor: Jacob Rawlins
Post-Graduation Plans: Brooke will be attending graduate school.

Melanie Kimball

Melanie Kimball.png
Major: English
Thesis: "I Don't Believe One-half of It Myself": The Role of Folk Groups in Supernatural Legend Interpretation
Advisor: Eric Eliason
Post-Graduation Plans: Melanie will be attending graduate school.

Annalisa Lavin

Annie Hero Image.jpg
Major: Mathematics Education
Thesis: Variability in Variables: An Analysis of Variable Use in A Middle School Mathematics Textbook
Advisor: Daniel Siebert
Post-Graduation Plans: Annalisa will be working as a secondary school mathematics teacher.

Rachel Anne Miner

Rachel Miner.jpg
Major: Economics
Thesis: The Effect of Economic Shocks on Religious Freedom Violations: Evidence from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Sudan
Advisor: Brigham Frandsen
Post-Graduation Plans: Rachel will be working as the Executive Director of Bellwether International.

Jane Elisabeth Morrissey

Jane (Original).jpg
Majors: Latin American Studies and Spanish Studies
Thesis: Food Security: A Study of the History of Nutritional Insecurity and Implications of Development in the Rural Sierra and Selva Regions of Peru
Advisor: Scott Sanders

Jaimi Mueller

Jaime Mueller.png
Major: Sociology
Thesis: Psychological Sense of Community in Gateway Communities
Advisor: Michael Cope

Rebekah Olsen

Becka Olsen Picture.png
Major: English
Thesis: "I--I can't talk about things": The Tragedy of Post-WWII Civilian Masculinity in Agatha Christie's Taken at the Flood
Advisor: Jamie Horrocks
Post-Graduation Plans: Rebekah will be attending graduate school at NYU and working as a secondary school teacher.

Anna Osguthorpe

Anna Osguthorpe.jpg
Major: Economics
Thesis: Impact of Care for Life-Mozambique's Cyclone Recovery Program
Advisor: Mark Showalter
Post-Graduation Plans: Anna will be working as an FS Analyst at Baringa Partners.

Elizabeth Anne Pearson

Elizabeth Pearson.jpeg
Major: Finance
Thesis: The Investment Gap: An Exploration of Why so Few Women Study Finance at Brigham Young University
Advisor: Colbrin Wright
Post-Graduation Plans: Elizabeth will be working as a Revenue Operations Analyst at Lucid Software.

Taylor Percival

Taylor Percival Picture.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Barriers to Mental Health Help-Seeking Among the Latinx Population in the United States: Primary Care, Family Influences, and Cultural Stigmas
Advisor: Dawn Marie Wood
Post-Graduation Plans: Taylor will be attending BYU Law School.

Heidi Riboldi

Major: Family History- Genealogy
Thesis: Angel Babies Ascending to Heaven - A Family Saga of Death Across Cultures
Advisor: Jeffrey Shumway
Post-Graduation Plans: Heidi will be working on her professional genealogy certification.

Reece Robertson

Reece Robertson.jpg
Major: Mathematics with an emphasis in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Thesis: Implementing a High-Performance Quantum Computing Emulator
Advisor: Dan Ventura

Joseph Sherman

Joseph Sherman Picture.jpg
Major: Physiology and Developmental Biology
Thesis: A Descriptive Analysis of Severe Maternal Morbidities in Southern Arizona
Advisor: Len Novilla
Post Graduation Plans: Joseph will be attending medical school.

Mason Stewart

Mason Stewart Picture.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide: Military Populations
Advisor: David Wood
Post-Graduation Plans: Mason will be attending George Fox University for graduate school.

Bailey Willden

Bailey Willden.bmp
Major: Spanish
Thesis: "Rosal de María" by Soror Maria do Céu: A Pedagogical Edition and Literary Analysis
Advisor: Anna-Lisa Halling
Post-Graduation Plans: Anna-Lisa will be attending Washington University in St Louis for graduate school.

Amberlee Woodhouse

Amberlee Woodhouse.jpg
Major: Music Performance with an emphasis in Piano
Thesis: A New Age of Film Music: Emotional Responses to MIDI Mockups vs. Orchestral Recordings
Advisor: Jared Pierce
Post-Graduation Plans: Amberlee will be attending BYU for graduate school.

Collin Wright

Collin Wright.jpg
Major: Psychology
Thesis: The Protective Potential of Family Relationship Strength as it Relates to Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in ACE-Exposed Adolescents and Emerging Adults
Advisor: Quintin Hunt
Post-Graduation Plans: Collin will be attending BYU for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.