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Welcome Back!

Expect the Unexpected this Fall

Welcome to new and returning Honors students and faculty. It has been a challenging 18 months and I admire the ways that so many of you have adapted to the changing circumstances you have confronted. Like you, our program has been through some transformations and emerged ready to again engage once again to offer you an outstanding Honors Experience.

We are excited at the prospect of having everyone back in-person, holding discussions in classrooms and enjoying events together. For this Honors learning environment dream to come true this fall, we must contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. I ask, plead and admonish you to come to campus vaccinated. Until further notice, masks will be required in all Honors courses and in commons areas of the Maeser Building. Please do not be one of the students that moves us back into our isolated past.

Our theme for the 2021-2022 year is Expect the Unexpected. I love this play on our flagship Unexpected Connections courses. We aim to provide students and faculty the chance to reach beyond their disciplines in unexpected ways. The theme is also a reminder that we should be prepared for and even anticipate the unexpected. We'll be flexible, responsive to circumstances, and adaptable to changing needs. We hope you'll do the same! Please come prepared for the unexpected this fall.

I look forward to renewing friendships with you and making new ones this coming year. Welcome back!

Spencer Magleby
Director, Honors Program