Chocolate Milk Friday
Friday, November 10th | 12-12:50PM | 150 MSRB

Dr. Rebekka Matheson will lead a discussion this Friday on "Psychosurgery--Can 'Heal with Steel' Apply to the Mind?" Dr. Matheson has studied the neuroanatomy of reward and deep-brain stimulation of psychiatric disease. She is the Honors Coordinator for neuroscience.

Join us for delicious chocolate milk and an insightful discussion with Dr. Matheson this Friday!



Effective for Winter 2018 classes and onward, all Honors students need to commit (come into our office for a commitment interview) to the Honors Program to be able to register for all Honors classes except Honors 120. If you have any issues registering for these classes, please contact our office at



Weekly Spotlight

We wanted to recognize one of our students, Erin Kaseda! She recently won the MacLean Scholar Award for her research in neuroscience--an award that only 3 students won this year. This award brought her to Seville, Spain where she presented her work that examines neurological pathways that are related to marital relationship quality and emotional responses to marital conflict.

Read the full story here (click for link).





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