Congratulations to the incoming freshman who participated in Late Summer Honors 2018. It was wonderful getting to know you and seeing the results of all of your hard work.

Late Summer Honors is a program aimed at introducing incoming freshmen to the Honors Program. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty from across the university to explore great questions, take field trips beyond campus, and learn more about interdisciplinary thinking.

Students spent their week on campus exploring one of the following subjects:

  • “The Peace of Wild Things: Nature, Poetry & Grace” taught by Dr. Peter Leman
  • “What Does it Mean to be Human: A Scientific & Spiritual Journey into Human Origins” taught by Dr. Jamie Jensen and Dr. Seth Bybee
  • “Can Well-behaved Women Make History?” taught by Dr. Heather Belnap
  • “Transitions to Peace: Healing on a National Scale” taught by Professor Natalie Romeri-Lewis
  • “What are the Odds? Probablility in Math and the Humanities” taught by Dr. Todd Fisher and Dr. Michael Call
  • “Riding Provo/Writing Provo” taught by Dr. Joey Franklin and Dr. Jamin Rowan
  • “How Do We Know What We Know? Our Understanding of the Natural World” taught by Dr. James Patterson
  • “Inklings & Influence: Lewis, Tolkein, and the Power of Allegory” taught by Dr. Aaron Eastley
  • “Why Stress? Understanding Stress, Health, and the Plan of Salvation” taught by Dr. Patrick Steffen
  • “Go Towards the Light: Photography and Visual Communication in the 21st Century” taught by Dr. Paul Adams
  • “The Mathematics of Secrecy” taught by Dr. Paul Jenkins and Dr. Darrin Doud

Amazing devotional and fireside speakers also introduced them to the spirit of disciple-scholarship at BYU.

Like the Honors Program, the experience is not just about the classes – Honors is about connecting with a community! Together students sang karaoke at The Wall, played games on the Maeser Quad, danced the night away at the WSC, and so much more! It's been a great week, and we are excited to welcome these students to the BYU Honors community of scholars!

Check out the BYU Honors Program Facebook page for all of our Late Summer Honors photos .