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June 2022 Honors Graduates


We are proud to announce our June 2022 University Honors graduates! Graduating from BYU with University Honors is no small feat, only achieved by about one percent of the graduating class. It takes careful planning, hard work, and collaboration with faculty and students alike. University Honors is the highest academic distinction awarded by BYU to students at the undergraduate level. We applaud these outstanding students and thank each of you for your contributions to our Honors community of scholars. We are excited to see what amazing things you'll do next!

Hannah Dixon

Hannah Dixon.jpg
Major: Sociology
Minor: English
Thesis: School is the Battlefield": School Administrators, Board members, and the CRT Controversy
Advisor: Carol Ward
Plans After Graduation: Hannah will be pursuing a Masters in Sociology here at BYU in the Fall.

Katherine Leonard

Katherine Leonard.png
Major: Psychology
Thesis: Peer Counseling as a Possible Solution: Helping Students Move Toward Mental Health
Advisors: Jonathan C. Cox
Post-Graduation Plans: Katherine will be a float lead care tech at The Center for Change

Kennedy Madrid

Kennedy Madrid.jpeg
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Sociology
Thesis: Examining Limbic Sexual Dimorphisms in Schizophrenia
Advisor: Derin J. Cobia
Post-Graduation Plans: Kennedy is currently applying to medical school.

Erika Marks

Marks, Erika Headshot.jpeg
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Psychology
Thesis: Mapping Auditory Response Neurons in the Zebrafish Optic Tectum
Advisor: Arminda Suli
Post-Graduation Plans: Erika will be attending graduate school in the fall at Texas A&M.

Kellon Sandall

Kellon Sandall.jpg
Major: Applied and Computational Mathematics
Minor: Computer Science
Thesis: Finding Patterns in the Inertia of the Distance Square Matrix of Unicyclic Graphs
Advisor: Mark Kempton
Post-Graduation Plans: Kellon will be attending graduate school in the Fall at BYU.

Lincoln Teichert

Lincoln Teichert.jpg
Major: Communications
Minor: Spanish
Thesis: Wild Ixalan: A Creative Case Study on Mythology, Magic, and More
Advisor: Kevin John
Post-Graduation Plans: Lincoln will be working or joining International Language Programs to teach English in Uganda or Central America.

Bailey Willden

Bailey Willden.bmp
Major: Spanish
Thesis: "Rosal de María" by Soror Maria do Céu: A Pedagogical Edition and Literary Analysis
Advisor: Anna-Lisa Halling
Post-Graduation Plans: Bailey will be attending Washington University in St Louis for graduate school.

Joshua Youngs

Joshua Youngs.jpeg
Major: Biochemistry
Thesis: Determining the interactome of the A7G13-A7G101 subcomplex via a protein-fragment complementation assay using TurboID biotin ligase
Advisor: Joshua Andersen