What Great Questions Drive You?

Questions, not answers, drive education.

Question Mark Garden. CC Image courtesy of Dennis Brekke on Flickr

Questions, not answers, drive us. We know that questions are the driving force behind true education.  As education advances so does an ever-broadening chain of questions about why and how things work the way they do, what is or should be important to us, and above all, what can or should be done about the problems and concerns we face in our collective and individual lives. We believe that no single discipline has the ability to provide us the answers to the questions that we have. All disciplines are important to solving and answering the great questions that face us in the world today. Here at BYU this is especially pertinent due to our quest for knowledge through both the intellect and the spirit.

Those questions captivated me, and I found myself wanting to go after the answers.
Carson B. - Current Honors Student

What are your Great Questions? Each of us have "Great Questions" even if we don't know it yet. We want to aid you on your journey to discover and explore the questions that matter most to you.  Developing the ability to ask good questions throughout our lives is essential to this endeavor. Knowing what your "Great Questions" are will aid in making many choices here in college and beyond.

The "Great Questions" concept is incorporated in the Honors program curriculum:
  • HONRS 292R - Introduction to "Great Questions"
  • 3 UNIV classes that explore a "Great Question" from the perspective of two different disciplines
  • and the Great Questions Essay as part of HONRS 310: "Great Questions" Tutorial.
Explore "Great Questions" by joining Honors!

Question mark made of puzzle pieces. CC Image courtesy of Horia Varlan on Flickr

Contact us to find out more. Honors Advisement wants to assist you in your academic and educational pursuits. We want to help you develop the connections that will excite and motivate you to learn. We are open every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm in 350 MSRB on BYU campus. Or email us at honors@byu.edu or call us at 801-422-5497. We hope to see you soon!

Honors Objective: Recognize and articulate Great Question(s) that undergird and give meaning to the narrower questions we try to address in our academic and professional work, and in our actions and relationships in the world. (see Learning Outcomes)