Requirements Summary



Just to be on the same page. You have learned about the benefits and requirements to graduate with University Honors. Below is a summary of the exact requirements to graduate with Honors. Though we hope that you will focus more on the Honors experience and that the requirements will come naturally.

Honors Core Coursework

  • HONRS 120: Honors Intro: Great Questions (2.0)
  • UNIV 291: Biological Science / Letters (3.0)
  • UNIV 292: Physical Science / Global & Cultural Awareness (3.0)
  • UNIV 293: Social Science / Arts (3.0)

Great Questions

  • Complete HONRS 320: Great Questions Tutorial (3.0)
  • Write Great Questions Essay

Experiential Learning

  • Option 1: Honors Student Advisory Council
  • Option 2: Approved Study Abroad or International Internship
  • Option 3: Academic Service

Honors Thesis

  • Original research or creative work/project done by student under the tutelage of a faculty advisor
  • Defend thesis before panel of faculty

Bound Portfolio

  • Great Questions Essay
  • Honors Thesis

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