Old Honors Program Requirements

Core Curriculum

Complete 11-14 hours of Honors coursework:

  • No more than four credits of HONRS 100, 290, or 292 may count for this requirement.
  • HONRS 499R does not count towards this requirement.
  • No more than four Honors Religion hours (2 classes) may count towards this requirement.
  • Honors Core Curriculum (UNIV) courses may also be used towards this requirement.


Great Works OR Great Question Essay

Complete one of the following:

  • Great Works Program
  • HONRS 320–Great Questions Tutorial (3 credits)


Great Works Portfolio Binder including:

  • Semester by semester of the major highlights and achievements of your undergraduate experience.
  • One page evaluation of your memorable service you gave.
  • A copy of your transcript indicating completed Honors curriculum.
  • Three Faculty references.
  • Collections of your best academic work.
  • Great Works experience log with your great works response papers.

Experiential Learning

Complete one of the following if you don’t do Great Works Option:

  • Option 1–Education Related Service– Ballard Center Social Innovations, Non-Profit Organizations, Student Teachings, etc.
  • Option 2–Approved Study Abroad or International or Domestic Internship–Cambridge Direct Enrollment, Oxford Social Innovators, BYU Study Abroad, Field Study, or International Internships program.
  • Option 3–Honors Sudents Advisory Council.

Thesis Research and Defense

  • You will need to submit a Thesis Proposal to our office by the deadline.  Optional to enroll in the class, HONRS 499R (must not exceed 6 credits total) while you are working on your thesis.
  • Thesis Defense must be scheduled and defended by the deadlne.

Honors Publication

  • Submit a Thesis Poster 
  • Bound Honors Thesis
  • ScholarsArchive