Honors Program Forms


Experiential Learning Requirement

  • Experiential Learning Approval Form: Fill this out and submit it to the Honors Advisement Center before you complete your Experience if you are doing a different experience than the ones listed on the form.
  • After completing the experience, attach a reflection detailing the academic content of the program, how it increased your understanding of people and/or cultures outside your own milieu, and how this experience expanded your interdisciplinary perspective and/or helped you make connections between ideas or cultures, and why you consider this particular experience valuable to your undergraduate education.


Thesis Forms

Writing/Submitting the Thesis Proposal

    Writing/Submitting the Honors Thesis

    • Writing and Defending the Honors Thesis: What to do after you've written your thesis proposal.
    • Thesis Formatting Guidelines: Please talk to your Honors Coordinator to find out what formatting guidelines is appropriate with your department.
    • Honors Thesis Defense Information Form: Finalize a date, time, and place for your thesis defense. Your committee's signatures constitute an agreement that your thesis will be ready to defend by that finalized date.
    • Honors Thesis Submission Form: Bring this to your thesis defense; your committee will sign this to declare whether you've passed, and they'll submit it to the Honors Advisement Center after your defense is complete.