Honors Enrollment Orientation


Welcome to Honors!

What is Honors?

Honors is a community of scholars who seek to broaden and deepen their undergraduate experience here at BYU. It is the way to graduate from BYU with University Honors.

What are the requirements to graduate with Honors?

The Honors Program has three stages: Explore, Commit, and Contribute. The figure below shows a brief overview of these stages.

You can find what the exact requirements to graduate with Honors by clicking on Honors Requirements tab and selecting which ever one is applicable to you.  Throughout the orientation you will have the chance to get acquainted more with these requirements.

Why Honors?

We are excited for you to join us in the Honors Program. We believe that any BYU student has the capability to complete the program and to graduate with University Honors; however, there are certain traits that successful students seem to exhibit. These traits include a love of learning, an inclination towards interdisciplinary education, and a desire to associate with others that want to go above and beyond what is required. If these traits describe you, then you will feel right at home in Honors.

Begin the Honors Orientation

The Honors Orientation will take about 5 to 10 minutes to finish. Click on BEGIN ORIENTATION below to learn more about Honors and have a chance to enroll in the program today.

There are 5 sections:


Once you have completed all the sections, you will have a chance to enroll in the BYU Honors Program!

Frequently Asked Questions