Explore Honors. The first stage of the Honors Program is the Explore stage, where your Honors experience begins. Once you’ve enrolled in the program by completing this orientation and filling out the enrollment form, you will have the chance to explore our requirements, classes, activities, and community to help you decide whether pursuing University Honors is right for you.


How can I get started?

  1. Enroll in our introductory course, HONRS 120 - Honors Intro: Great Questions, during your first or second semester at BYU. This course will introduce you to some major questions people have asked themselves for centuries and help you begin building your critical thinking skills. You will also get to know older Honors students and participate with them in fun events and in exploring resources available within the Honors Program and across the university.
  2. Once you’ve completed Honors 120 and a first year-writing course, begin taking our core curriculum classes, UNIV 291, 292, 293, and HONRS 320. These unique and fascinating courses combine two different GE subjects into one course where you’ll learn how to integrate them and flesh out your analytical skills. Each class also counts for two GE requirements (if you haven't already fulfilled those requirements). UNIV 291 fulfills Biology and Letters, UNIV 292 fulfills Physical Science and Global and Cultural Awareness, and UNIV 293 fulfills Social Science and Arts.
  3. You’ll receive weekly emails from us announcing upcoming Honors activities and academic opportunities. Get to know our Honors community by attending activities and mingling with other Honors students like you!
  4. Explore options for completing our Experiential Learning requirement by checking out opportunities for academic service, study abroad or international internship programs, and more.
  5. Schedule or visit our Honors Advisors in 102 MSRB for a commitment interview to ask questions and plan your academic schedule.


Enroll today. At the end of this orientation you will have a chance to enroll as an Exploring Student.