Experiential Learning



Serve and Explore. Part of being a true Honors student means giving back to the community—whether locally, nationally, or on a global scale. As an Honors student, we want you to have experiences which enhance your education, broaden your horizons, and increase your empathy. That is why one of the Honors requirements is experiential learning—hands-on learning which exposes you to the world and its people.

Hear one student's experience at Cambridge University:


Have new experiences. Whether you've always wanted to experience student life at Cambridge or Oxford, study art in Italy, or find a way to meaningfully serve others in your local community, the Honors Program will put you on track to fulfilling these dreams.

For the experiential learning requirement, you must complete one of the following requirements,
  • Option 1: Honors Student Advisory Council (HSAC) - Join a Student Volunteer organization to help run Honors activities.
  • Option 2: Study Abroad Program - Ever wanted to go on a study abroad? Now Honors gives you an additional reason to do so.
  • Option 3: Academic Service - Serve in Y-Serve, BYU Tutoring, etc. Serve others with your mind instead of just your brawn.