Contribute to your discipline. You will spend most of your undergraduate education learning from the research of other scholars. However, researching and writing your Honors thesis is an opportunity for you to contribute to the body of knowledge in your major and to experience the satisfaction that comes from taking part in the ongoing work of the university.  


Follow your passion. The Honors thesis is your chance to propose a topic or project you are passionate about and explore it in greater depth than is normally possible in a class or lab assignment. This often results in an area of expertise or creative accomplishment that can become a focus of discussion in graduate school or employment interviews.  The Great Questions Essay provides an opportunity to explore and research a topic you are passionate about.

Develop relationships with faculty mentors. As you identify and work with your thesis mentor and other faculty who will serve on your thesis committee, you will learn collaboration skills that will increase your effectiveness in academic/professional settings and beyond.  The Great Questions Essay will also provide opportunities to interact and network with faculty across departments and colleges.

Contribute Stage Summary
  • Take HONRS 320.
  • Submit Thesis Contract.
  • Choose thesis topic and Thesis Committee.
  • Submit Thesis Proposal.
  • Research and write thesis or create project.
  • Complete thesis defense.
  • Prepare thesis and Great Questions Essay for binding.