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Hard copies of Honors Theses are available in the college advisement centers for which the Thesis was created. Additional copies of most of them are also available in either the Harold B. Lee Library or the Maeser Building.

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Thesis Archive List

Last Name First Name Title Year Published HBLL Call No. Major
Aamodt Heather May Tumor-Associated Macrophages: Ally or Enemy? 2005 AS 36 .B752 A215 2005
Abbott Ellen M An Arctic Atlas: Cognitive Mapping and Navigating Space in Coldfoot 2004 AS 36 .B752 A226 2004 Anthropology
Ackerson Catherine An Ideal and a Threat: The Androgynous Woman and Her Fate in Wilmelm Meister's Lehrjahre 2000 AS 36 .B752 A254 2002
Ackroyd Patricia Christine Photolysis and Sensitization Studies of Substituted Pyridine Compounds 1993 AS 36 .B752 A257 1993 Honors Chemistry
Adair Joel C. Resolving Problems in Engineering Ethics: Precept and Example 1999 AS 36 .B752 A283 1999
Adams John D. Book Cover Illustration of the Classics 1996 AS 36 .B752 A433 1996
Adams John A. An Economic History of the Pleasant Grove United Order 1874-1880 1978 AS 36 .B752 A433 1978
Adams Kristen A A Presentation of the Mapping of LBN434 and its Ramifications on the Assumption of Clear Seeing at High Galactic Latitudes 1994 AS 36 .B752 A433 1994 Honors Physics
Adams Milton Reed Japanese Elections: A Study of Faction Formation and Operation 1983 AS 36 .B752 A433 1983 Political Science
Adams Rebecca Jane Cataloging Semantic Variation in the Swiss German Dialect 1998 AS 36 .B752 A3267 1998
Adams Riley A Reevaluation of Dialect Prejudice and Stereotypes 2004 AS 36 .B752 Psychology
Adams Robert Alan An examination of art used officially by the LDS church. 1984 AS 36 .B752 A433 1984
Ahlstrom Jon David "The Anti-Genotoxic Effects of Quercetin 2002 AS 36 .B752 A439 2002
Aho Zachary James Improving Sales Performance Through Selection: Creating Structured Interview Guides 2004 AS 36 .B752 A44 2004
Ahrens Jennifer Lyn Blodgett Child Rights in Brazil 2000 AS 36 .B752 A442 2000
Alexander Natalie Jan On the Moral-relevance of Emotions 2003 AS 36 .B752
Alford Kenneth Lowell A Survey Research Project Conducted at the 1978 Fort Lewis Army ROTC Advanced Camp 1979 AS 36 .B752 A446 1979 Political Science
Allen Alexis Leigh Behind the Broadway Buzz: An Analysis of the Communications Campaigns of Broadway Musicals 2005 AS 36 .B752
Allen Alexis Gabrielsen Finding a Voice: Aemelia Lanyer and the Redemption of Eve 1999 AS 36 .B752 A4545 1999
Allen Amber The Use of Positive Reinforcement in Children with Behavior Problems 2001 AS 36 .B752 A4545 2001
Allen Joshua The Father Stories 1997 AS 36 .B752 A4545 1997 English
Allen Kenneth Reed The Theory and Realization of Easily-Tuned Active Bandpass Filters 1971 AS 36 .B752 A4545 1971
Allen Randall C Japan, Rice, and Super 301 1993 AS 36 .B752 A4545 1993 Public Policy
Allen Rebecca Anne The Pompeian Building Complex of 55 b.c. 2002 XX(2878106.1)
Allgood Neca Denise Evaluation of the anti-herpsevirus drug combinations of 2-B-D- Ribofuranosylselenazole-4-Carboxoxamide plus Arabinosides 1985 AS 36 .B752 A454 1985
Allman Bohdana Bringing Up Bilingual Children: A Parental Guide for Czech-American Families 1999 AS 36 .B752 A4546 1999
Allman Dwight David Anamnesis and Eros in Plato's Symposiuma 1983 AS 36 .B752 A4546 1983 Philosophy
Allred David D. A Study of Solid-Solid Equilibria in the Potassium-Cesium Ally System of X-Ray Diffraction 1971 AS 36 .B752 A4547 1971
Allred Micah S. Regulated Fractional Brownian Motion With Applications to Option Pricing 2003 AS 36 .B752
Ancell Matthew G Blood and Water: Unity in the Gospel of John 1998 AS 36 .B752 A52 1998 Honors Comparative Literature
Andelin Lee Michael Where Are They All Going?: An Economic Study of Immigrant Destination Communities 1999 AS 36 .B752 A53 1999 Honors Economics
Andersen Joseph Christian Chinese Energy Security Policy 2004 AS 36 .B752 A532 2004
Andersen Shaunalei Boyer "Yes, Novels": A Reader's Investigation into the Metafiction in Jane Austen's Novel Northanger Abbey and Subsequent Search for Literary Values Depicted Therein 1995 AS 36 .B752 A532 1995 Humanities-Spanish Teaching Composite
Anderson Dallin McKay Appropriate Leadership and Management of Student Organizations: The Five Limiting Factors of BYUSA and Recommended Solutions 1998 AS 36 .B752 A543 1998 no.2 Accounting
Anderson Gregory John Accounting for Mexican debt-equity swaps 1986 AS 36 .B752 A543 1991 Communications
Anderson Ian Scott A Gospel for Saints and Sinners: A Defense of the Writings of Endo Shusaku 2002 AS 36 .B752 A543 2002 no.2 Japanese
Anderson Jeff Graph-Theoretical Determination of an Upper Bound for Candidate Peptide Sequences from Overlapping Fragments Generated by Endopeptidase Hydrolysis 1994 AS 36 .B752 A543 1994 no.2
Anderson Jeremy Transient Response Compensation Method Using a Nonlinear Element 1998 AS 36 .B752 A543 1998
Anderson Jessica Griffin A Taste of Roald Dahl: Characterization by Mouth 2004 AS 36 .B752 English
Anderson Keri Lynn Restrictions on the Integer N Necessary to Secure the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem 1994 AS 36 .B752 A543 1994
Anderson Kyle David Dante, Love and Virgil's Bees 2003 AS 36 .B752 Comparative Literature
Anderson Leland Marshall LDS Doctrinal Insights into Pedagogical Research about Effective Praise 2003 AS 36 .B752 A543 2003 English Teaching
Anderson Mindy J. The Ritual Use of Music in Ancient Israelite Worship 2002 AS 36 .B752 A543 2002
Anderson Nicole A Study of Phytoliths Extracted from Food Residues Taken from a Bronze-Age Pot 2000 AS 36 .B752 A543 2000
Anderson Shalissa Joy Hope Differences: Gender and Goal Orientation 1998 AS 36 .B752 A543 1996
Armstrong John M. Plato's argument for the forms in Timaeus 51d-52a 1992 AS 36 .B752 A74 1992
Armstrong Melanie Polish Women During Communism and After, as Portrayed by the Polish Press from 1978 to 1998 2001 AS 36 .B752 A74 2001
Armstrong Vaughn Cameron A Student Film in Surround Sound 2002 AS 36 .B752
Arnell Brian Christian The Himba of Namibia: An Analysis of Oral Literature 1997 AS 36 .B752 A76 1997
Arnold Brandon Loie 2001 XX(2881908.1)
Arnold Spencer Isaac Interpreting Dostoevsky Religiously; Understanding Faith and Christ in His Novels 2004 AS 36 .B752 A765 2004 Russian
Arnoldsen Tana Home Education and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Home Court Advantage 1994 AS 36 .B752 A766 1994
Arnquist Sarah Participation of the Sodium Pump in Mouse Labor 2003 AS 36 .B752 A767 2003 Chemistry
Arp Nathan James The Significance of the Early Chinese Temple as Demonstrated in the Poetry of the Shijing 2004 AS 36 .B752 A768 2004
Arrington David Tyler The Role of Information in Regulatory Legislation 1983 AS 36 .B752 A774 1983
Asay Alan B. A listening comprehension program for the LTM 1978 AS 36 .B752 A72 1978
Ashby Bonnie Marie My Subject is War: Benjamin Britten's War Requiem as an Intersection of Historical, Musical, and Literary Perspectives 2001 AS 36 .B752 A853 2001 Music
Ashby Eric R. Compliment-dependent cytotoxic antibody in a melanoma patient after viral oncolysate immunotherapy 1984 AS .B752 36 A853 1984
Ash-McGee Angela Michelle Great with Child: Pregnancy Narratives by Mormon Women 1994 AS 36 .B752 A858 1994
Ashton Brian K The International Civil Aviation Organization and the Enforcement of International Aviation Regulations 1993 AS 36 .B752 A857 1993 International Relations
Ashton Kristine Annette Perpetuated Inferiority : A Comparative Analysis of the Freedman's and McGuffey Readers 1999 AS 36 .B752 Honors History
Ashton Rendell W Stability of the Effect of Lysolecithin to Activate Phospholipase A2 1994 AS 36 .B752 A857 1994 Honors Zoology
Ashton Scott Decolonization Factors : Zionist Factions during the Mandate Period 2000 AS 36 .B752 A857 2000 Economics
Astill Eileen Holt The Use of Therapeutic Recreation Assessments: Where Is the Need 2003 AS 36 .B752 A873 2003
Astin Kaylie Brown Literary and Musical Nuances in Several Settings of Paul Verlaine's "Mandoline" 2001 AS 36 .B752 A874 2001
Atzbach Erik Burton The Effect of Regulation of Geneva Steel on PM10 Pollution 1993 AS 36 .B752 A893 1993
Austin Daniel Ephraim Collision Cross Section Measurements in a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer 1998 AS 36 .B752 A9223 1998
Axelgard Frederick W. The Palestinian Arabs : a case study social mobilization and political unity under British mandate AS 36 .B752 A924 1977
Aydelotte Susan Renee Laplacian Spectra of Graphs 1994 AS 36 .B752 A928 1994 Mathematics
Ayers James Thomas Evaluation of an Impulse-Pelton Wheel Turbine in a Tire Pressure Regulation System 2003 AS 36 .B752 A937 2003
Bachelder Vance D. The Photochemistry of Substituted Pyridines 1991 AS 36 .B752 B324 1991
Bagley Matthew Guy China and the Threat of Pluralism: A Study of Recent Chinese Policy 1990 AS 36 .B752 B346 1990 Political Science
Bahr Mary Lynn Language and grave in Donne and Herbert 1991 AS 36 .B752 B348 1991
Baik Howard Understanding Abortion in China's Cultural and Societal Context 1997 AS 36 .B752 B349 1997
Bailey Jonathan Douglas Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Vicinity of Trojan Corporation Near Mapleton and Spanish Fork, Utah Using GMS and Femwater 2002 AS 36 .B752 B35 2001 Civil Engineering
Bailey Kathleen Patrice Inheritance of inequality: the effect of family background on the distribution of income and wealth 1989 AS 36 .B752 B35 1989
Bailey Ross Robert Electronic method for treating nasality in classical singing 1992 AS 36 .B752 B35 1992 Music
Baird Bret Developing Creativity in Business: Lessons and Applications from the Humanities 1996 AS 36 .B752 B352 1996
Baker Boyd Allen A Study in German Popluar Literature Published Since 1731 1971 AS 36 .B752 B354 1971
Baker Jeffrey Lloyd Integer Emulation of Floating-Point Arithmetic 1983 AS 36 .B752 B354 1982
Baker Ryan G Le Blocage Quebecois: The Effects of Provincial Nationalism on Foreign Direct Investment 1997 AS 36 .B752 Political Science
Baker Wendy "I Have a self to recover": self-exploation in the poetry of Anne Sexton 1991 AS 36 .B752 B354 1991
Baldwin Nancy Garcia Conceptual and Empirical Similarities between Measures of Childhood Socialization and Common Personality Factors 1998 AS 36 .B752 B3548 1998
Baldwin Scott A. Combining the Tripartite and Cognitive-Specificity Models of Anxiety and Depression 2001 AS 36 .B752 B3548 2000
Ballif Mark Hansen Responsibility and Art: Sartre, Bazin, Levinas, and Renoir 1991 AS 36 .B752 B355 1991 Honors Philosophy
Baradaran Shima Yindoda Eyinyani: Eyinyani and Rape Among the Xhosa in South Africa 2001 AS 36 .B752 B371 2001
Barber David Lorenzo The Justification of Religious Belief: A Wittgensteinian Approach 1998 AS 36 .B752 B372 1998
Barentsen Kimberly Ann Religion and Mental Health: Enhancement of Psychological Functioning 1990 not cataloged
Barney Daren Royal The importance of virtue in American government 1991 AS 36 .B752 B376 1991
Barnhill Michael Clark Transcendent Religious Experience: What It Is and How It Leads to Belief 2005 AS 36 .B752
Barrett Clark Lattice-Based Designs of Direct Sum Codebooks for Vector Quantization 1995 AS 36 .B752 B3767 1995
Barrett William R. An econometric study of incorporations in Utah since 1967. 1983 AS 36 .B752 B377 1983
Barrowes Brooksany An Examination of Pro Se Litigation with Focus on Ten United States District Courts 1996 AS 36 .B752 B3772 1996
Barrus Joseph P. An improved decoding algorithm for ratio-based codes and its CMOS integrated circuit implementation 1987 AS 36 .B752 B3778 1987
Barry Karen Biligual Education Models 1982 AS 36 .B752 B3779 1982
Bartholomew Jenny Upper Limits of Mnemonic Memory 1993 AS 36 .B752 B378 1993
Barton David J. A Rapid Spectrometric Assay for Glycinamide Ribotide Transformylase 1979 not cataloged
Barton Hylie Thorpe Confidence in Answer Keys Among College Calculus Students: Finding Out the Truth About Santa Claus 1994 AS 36 .B752 T49 1994 Mathematics
Bassett Loralee Si Manus Tua Scandalizat: A Creative Story 1997 AS 36 .B752 B3785 1997
Bateman Lucinda The Comparative Floral Biology of Penstemon Eatonii and Penstemon Cyananthus in Central Utah: A Preliminary Study 1980 AS 36 .B752 B384 1980
Bay Curtis Edward Painting Amid Post-Modermism 1994 AS 36 .B752 B356 1994
Beacom Rebecca Utah: Testing Constitutional Limits to Protect the Unborn 1996 AS 36 .B752 B423 1996
Bean Wade O. Market Structure Facing the Rural Chilean Artisans 2000 AS 36 .B752 B436 2000
Beecher Matthew Julian Strategic Philanthropy: The Evolution and Survival of Business Social Responsibility Programs 1998 AS 36 .B752 B443 1998 Management
Beesley Kenneth R. The Deseret Alphabet: can orthographical reform for English succeed? 1978 AS 36 .B752 B447 1975
Beesley Wilford The Creation and Production of the Demo Album Simple Understandings: A Written Log 1996 ML 25.9021 .B44 1996
Behrend Timothy E. Culture for Missionaries: Indonesia (Java) 1979 AS 36 .B752 B4475 1979
Bell Scott Kamaken Death in the Afternoon : bullfighting as a metaphor for Hemingway's existential beliefs 1995 AS 36 .B752 B4477 1995
Belnap Robert K. The acquisition of lexical boundaries by second language learners. 1983 AS 36 .B752 B448 1983
Benfell V. Stanley III The power of reading: an analysis of the correspondence between Valmont and Merteuil in Laclos's Les liaisons dangereuses 1987 AS 36 .B752 B45 1987
Benjamin Natalia Alvarez A Comparison of Several Theoretical Methods to Predict Conformational Energies of Bicyclic Diazapyranose Analogues 1999 AS 36 .B752 B454 1999 Molecular Biology
Bennett Jonathan Discrepency between Theory and Experiment of Aspect Ratio Measurements in Non-neurtral Electron Plasmas 1995 AS 36 .B752 B456 1995
Bennion Anna Katharine Fidelity and Film Adaptation: Jane Eyre: A Screenplay 2005 X(3403343.1) English
Bennion Elizabeth King Lear: An Analysis of Four Films and Their Treatment of Edgar 1996 AS 36 .B752 B46 1996
Benson Brett V. Rule of Law and Individualism In Plato's Political Philosophy 1998 AS 36 .B752 B46 1998 no.2
Benson David Frederick A Prediction Model of Successful Total Quality Management Programs 1997 not cataloged Accounting
Benson Evva Courtney And Know the Place for the First Time: The 1851 Ecclesiastical Census of England and Wales and Early LDS Branch Records 2000 AS 36 .B752 B46 2000 Family History - Genealogy
Benson Joseph Payne Chinggis Khan in the 20th Century: A Case Study on the Effects of Communism on Mongolian Culture 2002 AS 36 .B752 B46 2002
Benson Lisa JoAnn Landmark-Based Morphometric Analysis of Phenotypic Plasticity and Hatchery-Induced Morphology in Juvenile June Sucker 2004 AS 36 .B752 B46 2004 Biology
Benson Nathan W The Non-savage Primitive in Selected Short Stories by Arturo Uslar Pietri and Salvador Salazar Arrue 1993 AS 36 .B752 B46 1993 Spanish
Benson Ryan David Legalized Gambling: A Sure Bet? 1998 AS 36 .B752 B46 1998
Benson Sheila Speaking-Writing Conections and Their Impact on Secondary Writing INstruction 1994 AS 36 .B752 B46 1994
Benson Todd Randy Geographical segment disclosures of multinational corporations 1992 AS 36 .B752 B46 1992
Bentley Shawn M. The practical humor of proverbs AS 36 .B752 B467 1987
Benzley Caroline Hinckley The Puritan and Mormon Jeremiads 2001 AS 36 .B752 B469 2001 Humanities
Benzley Layne P. Do Hispanic Patients Really Choose Physicians of Their Own Race? 2002 AS 36 .B752 B469 2002
Berg Rachel Mopdeling Trapped Npnm-Neutral Plasmas with a Piecewise Parabolic Method 1994 not cataloged
Bergeson Paula Beetoven's sonata for piano and violin, op.30, no.3: a study in performance practice 1990 AS 36 .B752 B474 1990 Performance & Pedagogy
Bernardo Vincent F English Pronunciation Lessons for Brazilians: Learning American English Vowel and Consonant Sounds 2004 AS 36 .B752 B475 2004 Linguistics
Bernhisel Marc Preston An Empirical Experiment on Service Recovery Design 2003 AS 36 .B752 Management
Bernotski Jared D. Orpheus Versus the Sirens: A Christian Meditation on Classical Myth 2000 AS 36 .B752 B4756 2000
Berrett Evan Hamilton Learning styles and moral reasoning: a correlational study 1988 AS 36 .B752 B476 1988 Psychology
Berrett Wendy Anne Evans Responsiveness of Hispanic Preschoolers to Phonemic Awareness Activities in Spanish 2002 AS 36 .B752 B476 2002 Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
Berry Jennifer Zero Tolerance 2003 AS 36 .B752
Bertrand Lauri Ellen Nutritional Assessment of a Maya Village 1999 AS 36 .B752 B478 1999
Bettinger Eric Modeling the Cyclical Behavior of Prices: Evidence from 10 Industralized Countries 1996 AS 36 .B752 B483 1996
Beutler Anthony Ivan The Creative Spirit of Beauty:Providing Insight into Art's Fifth-Dimentional Truth 1994 AS 36 .B752 B487 1994
Billeter Marjorie The infestation and ecological devastation of Guam by the brown tree snake, Boiga irregularis. 1991 AS 36 .B752 B545 1991 Zoology
Bioski Anna Adrienne The Story of Attis: A Reflection of Catullus and Lesbia 1994 AS 36 .B752 B567 1994
Bioski Heidi Christina Southern Ute Rmoval: A Study of Evoloving American Indian Policy 1995 AS 36 .B752 B567 1995 History
Bishop Brant Warren Beyond Containment: In Search of a New Vision to Unify American Foreign Policy 1993 AS 36 .B752 B573 1993 Public Policy
Bishop David Reid Wax Pattern Shrinkage 1998 AS 36 .B752 B5247 1998
Bishop Mark Leon Underfunding of Defined Benefit Pension Plans 1995 AS 36 .B752 B573 1995 Economics
Black Karl D. Workprints in Translated Literature 1966 AS 36 .B752 B532 1982
Black M. Dean The New Language Policy in South Africa: A Sociolinguistic Analysis and Implications for the Bantu Languages 1995 AS 36 .B752 B532 1995
Black Nathan Him I Love Who Desires the Impossible: Ahab's Quest and Salvation 1996 AS 36 .B752 B532 1996 Honors English
Black Sara L. The Music and Personalities of Three Late Romantic Composers 2003 AS 36 .B752 B532 2003
Blair Clifford F Evaluating Institutional and Elite-Motivator Approaches to Ukrainian Political Party Development: A Case Study of Ukrainian Elections 1994-2002 2004 AS 36 .B752 B534 2004 Political Science
Blake Jennie Holman Politics in Poetry: A Rhetorical Analysis of Adrienne Rich 1996 AS 36 .B752 B525 1996 Honors English
Blake Richard The New Language Policy in South Africa: A Sociolinguistic Analysis and Implications for the Bantu Languages 1995 AS 36 .B752 B525 1995
Blanchard Victoria Lael Family Love 2005 AS 36 .B752 B536 2005 Marriage, Family, & Human Development
Bleak Jared L The Effects of Employment on Women's Life Satisfaction and Marital Quality 1994 AS 36 .B752 B537 1994 Sociology
Blood David O. The Civil War: "A Poor Man's War?" 1995 AS 36 .B752 B539 1995
Blood Dena Sarene Conversational Dynamics in the Discourse of Lydgate and Rosamond 1995 AS 36 .B752 B539 1995b Honors English
Bobincheck Lyn Beckstead Evaluation of Pesticide Groundwater Contamination at a Former Pesticide Formulation Facility 1998 not cataloged Chemical Engineering
Bodily Jason Matthew The Activity of Prostratin on Viral Replication in Cell Culture 1999 not cataloged Honors Molecular Biology
Bodily Samuel Edwin A Power Spectral Analysis of Some Gyroscope Data 1971 AS 36 .B752 B635 1971
Boehm Bruce J Wandereres in the Promised Land: A Study of the Exodus Motif in teh book of Mormon and the Holy Bible 1993 AS 36 .B752 B6354 1993 Honors English
Bohn Jeffrey R. The impact of air pollution and Geneva Steel on economic development in Utah county. 1990 AS 36 .B752 B636 1990
Bohon Travis S. Development of Predictive Models for Use in a Feedback Control Scheme for an Injection Molding Machine: Combatting Long-tailed Error Distribution and Severe Collinearity Using Robust Regression M-Est 1996 AS 36 .B752 B6366 1996
Bolton Daniel J. Old and New Morality: Everyman and Jedermann 1983 AS 36 .B752 B657 1983
Bond Tamara Lee Progress and Problems for Women in Communications 1992 AS 36 .B752 B663 1992 Broadcast Communication
Booker William R. Hapax Legomena in Inferno XXIV: Metaphorese, Literary Virtuosity, and Sexuality 1995 not cataloged
Bowen Brigham John Arthur Miller's The Crucible 1953-2000: A Reception History 2000 AS 36 .B752 B682 2000 Honors Humanities
Bowen Nathan S. Am I Am 2002 M 4 .B68 2002 Quarto
Bowen Thomas Adam A Fine Structure Comparison of Three Species of Argulus (Crustacea: Branchiura Ectoparasites of Farmed and Wild Fish 1996 AS 36 .B752 B682 1996
Bowman Julie All the Ways Children Can Be 1998 AS 36 .B752 B684 1998 Honors Humanities
Bowman Richard M. Deactivation by carbon of Ru/A1203 during CO hydrogentation. 1983 AS 36 .B752 B684 1983
Bown Paula Memory and The Borderers 1990 AS 36 .B752 B686 1990
Boyce David Jonathan Germany's Management Education: A Structural Strategic Analysis 1993 AS 36 .B752 B692 1993 German
Boyer Brian Matthew A Comparison of Least Median Squares and Partially Adaptive Estimation of Regression Models 1996 AS 36 .B752 B693 1996
Boyer Melissa L. Orientalism in Victorian Art 1998 AS 36 .B752 B693 1998
Boyle Scott Nile The Synthesis of Analogues of Kifunensine and I-Deoxymannojirimycin 2001 AS 36 .B752 B695 2001
Bradford Cara L Silicon Mediated Sterocontrolled Photochemical [2+2] Cycoaddition 1993 AS 36 .B752 B7314 1993 Honors Chemistry
Bradford Collin Larsen Color Harmony and Light Frequency Ratios: A Collection of Video Pieces Using an Experimental Color Theory 2005 AS 36 .B752 Art
Bradley Clayne T. Speech activated object recovery 1990 AS 36 .B752 B733 1990
Bradshaw Gilbert Jesse Alcohol, Drugs, Gangs, and Education: The Decline of Youth Involvement in the Charismatic Catholic Church as Illustrated in an Indigenous Guatemalan Community 2005 XX(3403204.1)
Bradshaw Robert William Concealing Complex Policies with Hidden Credentials 2004 AS 36 .B752 B734 2004 Mathematics
Brady Alison Wiltbank Labor Supply Effects on the Income Maintenance Experiments 1993 AS 36 .B752 B732 1993 Public Policy
Bragonje John Evans Cognitive Science as Literary Metacriticism: A Case Study of Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" 2001 XX(2881913.1)
Bramwell Kenneth J. Catechistic theatre in the religious conquest of Mexico. 1991 AS 36 .B752 B735 1991
Bramwell Lestelle Women in Palestine: Conditions, Changes, and Chances for the Future 1991 AS 36 .B752 B736 1991
Breiter DaraLynn Wartena Camp Funding: Case Study of Oncology Camps 1996 AS 36 .B752 B744 1996
Bria Frank H Properties of a Generalized Center of a Ring 1994 AS 36 .B752 B752 1994 Mathematics
Briggs Brooks Lyn Challenging the Hudson River School Landscape: The Impressionist Landscapes of John Henry Twachtman 1994 AS 36 .B752 B753 1994
Brimhall Jeffrey Todd Torsional Behavior of a Graphite/Epoxy Isotruss 2000 AS 36 .B752 B754 2000 Civil Engineering
Brinton Christine Rhinoceros in the Room 1999 AS 36 .B752 B755 1999
Brinton Daniel A. Stereo filming of hyperdimensional computer graphics 1978 AS 36 .B752 B755 1978
Brinton Jedediah Grant The Effects of Calcium and Magnesium Supplementation on Bone Density in College-Age Women 2004 AS 36 .B752 B755 2004 Statistics
Broderick Verena The Personal Essay as a Means for Individual and Societal Cathartic Progression: Richard Rodriguez's Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriquez: An Autobiography and Nephi's First and Secon 1996 AS 36 .B752 B7566 1996
Bromley Susan Candland Strain in Polysilicon Microbeams: The Relationship Between Beam Geometry and the Strain at Failure 1998 AS 36 .B752 B75668 1998 Mechanical Engineering
Brooks Joanna M Short Fiction Post Fear: Text Strategies for Generation X 1993 AS 36 .B752 B7567 1993
Brosnahan David D. Phosphate and Ferritin Iron Deposition 2000 AS 36 .B752 B759 2000
Brough Aaron R. The Art of Profitable Service Recovery: A Strategic Model 2003 AS 36 .B752 B766 2003
Brown Charles G. A Field-wise Wind Estimation Algorithm for the NASA Scatterometer 1998 AS 36 .B752 B76 1998
Brown Colleen Covey Elements of Wordworthian Romanticism in Dorothy Wordsworth's "Grasmere" Journals 1993 AS 36 .B752 B76 1993 Honors English
Brown Daniel Testing Performance Characteristics of Layered Compliant Centrifugal Clutches 2004 AS 36 .B752 B76 2004 Exercise Sciences
Brown Elizabeth Emily Dickinson: Pugilist and Poet 1991 not cataloged English
Brown Genevieve Norman Gender and Economic Choices: A Look at Households in Comedero, Mexico 2005 AS 36 .B752
Brown Leigh Lauren Avoiding Web Wiles: Ethics and Instructions for Web Site Owners 2002 AS 36 .B752 English
Brown Leslie M Accounting for income taxes: should deferred taxes be reported at discounted present value 1989 AS 36 .B752 B76 1989 Accounting
Brown Mary Kaye ESL Teacher and Learner Judgments Regarding Learning Styles 1996 AS 36 .B752 B76 1996
Brown Melissa Mommy, Where Do Daddies Come From?:--Jim Borgman, Cartoon Caption 1994--The Media's Portrayal of World War II Fathers 2000 AS 36 .B752 B76 2000
Brown Rebecca A Evaluation of an Extended Sheath-Flow Nozzle for Supercritical Fluid/Supersonic Jet Spectreoscopy 1995 AS 36 .B752 B76 1995
Browne Lorna A Look at the Ultafilatration of Milk in Cheese Production 1981 not cataloged
Brownell Kirk H. A Review of Research on Memory for Names and Faces 1991 AS 36 .B752 B768 1991
Bruce Rebecca Zellner Discrimination in the Zanji Rebellion (A.D. 869-883) 1993 not cataloged
Bruening Ari D. Divine Foreknowledge, Human Freedom, and Changing the Past: An LDS Perspective 2002 AS 36 .B752 B784 2002
Bruner Jenny Katherine Que sera de mi? An Illumination of Three Obscure Plays by Spanish Women Writers 1996 AS 36 .B752 B785 1996
Brunson Samuel Post-Consumer Mythologies 2000 AS 36 .B752 B7867 2000 English
Bruschke Craig From Economic Protectionism to Economic Liberalism in Latin America: Historical Developments and Future Implications 1996 AS 36 .B752 B787 1996
Bryner Elizabeth Prete The Political Character of the Illinois Press as a Factor in Mormon Persecution, 1839-1844 1996 AS 36 .B752 B796 1996 History Teaching
Bryner Karen A Descriptive Study of the Family Environments Which Promote Early Literacy in Beginning Kindergarten Students 1996 AS 36 .B752 B796 1996 no.2
Buck Holly Production of Digitally Recorded Mandarin Chinese Speech Audiometry Materials 2004 AS 36 .B752 B824 2004
Budge Loren P. Structural Requirements of Cholic Acid Derivatives for Antibacterial Action 1999 AS 36 .B752 B825 1999
Bullough Benjamin Lynn Analysis of Field Programmable Gate Array Implementations of Constant Coefficient Finite Impulse Response Filters. 2002 AS 36 .B752 B855 2002 Computer Engineering
Bunderson John S. General education abilities valued by university graduates in personal and professional life. 1991 not cataloged
Burdick Jane Ann Feminism in Egypt 1893-1992: a Bibliographic Essay 1993 AS 36 .B752 B873 1993
Burgess Nancy K. A Characteristic of Erythrocyte Membranes Susceptible to Secretory Phospholipase A2 2002 AS 36 .B752 B864 2002
Burgon Trever B. Follicular Dendritic Cells as Reservoirs of Diverse and Infectious HIV: A Phylogenic Analysis of HIV Quasi-Species 2003 AS 36 .B752 B865 2003
Burnham Jeffrey Soil Crusts and Cheatgrass Invasion in Different Vascular Plant Communities in Utah's West Desert 2001 AS 36 .B752 B866 2001 Botany
Burr Kendall J. Health Awareness in Mozambique: An Analysis of Knowledge About Aids, Malaria, and Cholera 2002 AS 36 .B752 B868 2002
Burrill Jennifer Helene Finnish and Estonian Case Declensions: Semantic Features and Comparative Counts 1993 AS 36 .B752 B87 1993
Burton Gideon Omer Thou sly hypocrite who souldst seem patron of liberty: the failure of Satan's subjectivist freedom in Paradise Lost 1989 AS 36 .B752 B877 1989
Burton Sarah Louise Shakespeare, Truth, and Ethics: A Study of Three Major Characters from Othello and Henry V 1997 AS 36 .B752 B877 1997
Bush Christopher Private Trials, Collective Tragedy: The Cattle and Milk Shortages in the Iaroslavl Region After the Great Patriotic War 2003 AS 36 .B752 B874 2003 History
Bushman Benjamin Genital self-mutilation in males: review, analysis of the literature, and presentation of a new case. 1992 AS 36 .B752 B875 1992
Bushman Jesse S Ex Nilo Creation and the Problem of Evil 1994 AS 36 .B752 B8822 1994 Humanities
Buskirk Allen R. Synthesis of 3'-C-(N-hydroxycarboxamido) Cytidine 1999 AS 36 .B752 B8824 1999 no.2
Buskirk Liesl Marie Belonging: The Nature and Nurture of Community 1999 AS 36 .B752 B8824 1999 English
Bustos Maria Bocchino The Development of the Salt Lake Community College Concurrent Enrollment Handbook: A Learning Log 1998 AS 36 .B752 B622 1998
Butler Daniel M The Determinants of Religious Freedom 2003 AS 36 .B752 B8866 2003 Political Science
Butler Jeffrey Reid Ways to Enhance Democracy and Development in Argentina Today 1994 AS 36 .B752 H8866 1995
Butler Richard Miller Chretien de Troyes: contribution to the Arthurian tradition. 1970 AS 36 .B752 B8866 1970
Butters Roger B Exchange Rate Volatility and International Trade 1994 AS 36 .B752 B887 1994 Honors Economics
Buys Michael Jacob Neuromuscular Characteristics Before and After Taper in Male Collegiate Swimmers 2001 AS 36 .B752 B895 2001 Physical Education
Bybee Jay S. Evaluating alernative revenue sharing formulas under conflicting formula objectives 1977 AS 36 .B752 B923 1977
Bylund Kevin Mechanical Attachment of Carbon Nanotubes to Atomic Force Microscopy Tips Using Transition Metals 2002 not cataloged Physics
Cahill Earl Jeremiah A Refutation of Thomas Morris' Two-Minds Model of the Incarnation 1996 not cataloged Mathematics
Calabro David The Delawares before, during, and after the 1831 Visit of Mormon Missionaries 2000 AS 36 .B752 C342 2000 Near Eastern Studies
Calhoun Margaret Bennion A Division of french medieval literary symbolism: botanical symbolism in La Chanson De Roland. 1992 AS 36 .B752 C355 1992 Humanities
Calhoun William Adley The Puritan Idea of Covenant in Moby Dick 1992 AS 36 .B752 C358 1993 Honors English
Call Deidre Jo Women in the Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Matriarchy in Patriarchal Society 1992 AS 36 .B752 C363 1992
Call Jay Michael Gravitational Collapse in 2+1 Dimensions with a Dilation Coupled to a Cosmological Constant 2003 AS 36 .B752 C344 2003
Call Jeremy Pack Holy Ground: An Interpretive Study of the Salt Lake Temple Landscape 2000 AS 36 .B752 C344 2000
Call Lisa Lynn "Devitrification Structures in a Rhyolitic Glass from the Tushar Range 1997 AS 36 .B752 C363 1997
Call Steven Elliott The Utah State Medical Examiner System: A History and Analysis of Its Effectiveness 1999 AS 36 .B752 C344 1999 History
Campbell David E. Children and Their Federal Government: Political Socialization in Utah and Alberta 1996 AS 36 .B752 C346 1996
Campbell Douglas J. The Effects of metamphetamine on the sexual behavior of prenatally stressed male rats. 1983 AS 36 .B752 C346 1983
Campbell Jody L. Petrarch and Shakespeare and the Rhetorical Flexibility of the Sonnet 1996 AS 36 .B752 C346 1996 no.2
Cannon Andrew G. The Barabian Words: A Novel 2002 AS 36 .B752 C366 2002
Cannon Brian Q. "Change and continuity in a frontier boom town: an historical analysis of Ogden 1984 AS 36 .B752 C366 1984
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