What is commitment? After the Explore Stage, you transition to the Commit Stage by completing a commitment interview. In the Explore Stage you have a chance to find out if Honors is right for you by taking a class or two and getting involved in the Honors community. The commitment interview is a chance for you to reflect back on what you have done so far in Honors as well as look to the future. You will have a chance to meet individually with an advisor and address any questions or needs as well as set goals for the future.

What happens in the commit stage?The major components of the commit stage involve having a commitment interview, taking HONRS 120 which introduces you to Great Questions, the three UNIV courses. This is normally done your freshman and sophomore years. 

The commitment interview really gave me a chance to think about what Honors had done for me already as well as plan for the future going forward. And being a committed student now is just awesome.
Ryan B. - Previous Honors Student

Wait! There's more? As a committed Honors student you will be recognized at our Honors Opening Evening near the beginning of Fall semester. Your photo will also be put on our Committed Student Wall and you will be included in our Committed Student Directory.

Commit Stage summary:
  • Enroll and complete Commitment Interview.
  • Take HONRS 120, UNIV 291, UNIV 292, and UNIV 293.